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Noun1.police academy - an academy for training police officerspolice academy - an academy for training police officers
academy - a school for special training
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We should upgrade it and make it a top-of-the-line (police academy)."
Shaikh Mohammed also received Arab and foreign police commanders, and Arab and foreign members of the consular corps, who attended the graduation ceremony of the cadet officers and postgraduate students of the Dubai Police Academy. He welcomed the guests, who expressed their thanks for the warm reception and generous Arab hospitality, lauding the scientific and military standard of the academy.
Police told Gulf News that the Emirati man, who studied at Sharjah police academy, suffered a heart attack.
The trial was previously scheduled to be held in a Cairo convention center but it was later decided to hold the session in a temporary courtroom set up in the police academy.
"The Police Academy in Diala witnessed today the graduation of the second course, which includes 413 cops," Brig.
Bogota [Colombia], Jan 17 ( ANI ): Eight people were killed on Thursday after a car bomb exploded outside a police academy in Columbia's capital city Bogota.
CAIRO - 21 July 2018: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi witnessed on Saturday the graduation ceremony of a new batch of police cadets at the Police Academy in New Cairo city, on the southeastern edge of Cairo Governorate.
The Citizen Police Academy is scheduled to begin from 7 to 9 p.m.
The Passing Out Parade is the most spectacular among the end-of-term events at the National Police Academy. It is also the culmination event for the Academy for successfully releasing yet another batch of trained IPS officers to their respective cadre.
According to the statement, 'The Sokoto State Police Command wishes to inform the general public that, the selection Examination into the 7th regular course of Police Academy is slated for 24th August 2019 in all centres across the country.
The fall session of Gurnee's Citizen Police Academy, a free 12-week course, begins Aug.
This overemphasis on the learning of violent tactics is coupled with minimal police academy curricula on the subject of de-escalation tactics and interpersonal communication skills, as well as limited instructional time on responding to calls for service involving persons with mental health issues.