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Noun1.police blotter - the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police stationpolice blotter - the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station
written account, written record - a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
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There is] not even a recording [of his crime] on the police blotter.
She did not identify the LGUs in the police blotter.
Hertzman challenges widely-held assumptions about samba, explains their origins, and presents a sophisticated analysis about the interplay between race and music that moves elegantly from the police blotter to the arcana of royalty distributions.
In addition to serving as a kind of industry police blotter on the latest frauds, the forum is a good way for merchants to stay abreast of important developments, like the shifting local sales tax landscape.
As the Seattle police blotter noted: "Sometimes Crimes Solve Themselves.
The editor of the Virginian-Pilot, Denis Finley, said the incident was listed on the police blotter as a case of simple assault and a reporter looking over the police blotter and seeing it would not normally have written any story.
Continue to move toward segregated products in print and online, with print becoming more of a newsmagazine format with in-depth reporting, features and analysis while spot news and the police blotter become almost solely the domain of the website.
I wrote four stories, compiled the police blotter and was following a murder trial awaiting a verdict, all under deadline.
com)-- Truth is by far funnier than fiction, and this collection of real calls to law enforcement in Hometown Police Blotter - Volume One: Nevada County, California is exactly that.
After a chapter on mapping basics, the book presents common geographic projects and provides 73 scripts and examples to show how to create interactive maps and mashups such as a weather map, a Twitter friend finder, and mapping of the local police blotter.
You know the economy is tanking when reports like this show up on the police blotter.
KTVI (Channel 2) seems to lack relevant stories, but that may be because they have so much more time to fill, they are forced to look beyond the police blotter.

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