police car

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squad′ car`

a police automobile equipped with a radiotelephone for communicating with police headquarters. Also called patrol car, police car, prowl car.
[1930–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.police car - a car in which policemen cruise the streetspolice car - a car in which policemen cruise the streets; equipped with radiotelephonic communications to headquarters
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
panda car - a police cruiser

police car

nmacchina della polizia
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DAMAGE: A stolen JCB, above, was in collision with a police car, top Pictures by ANDREW DUFFELL and ANDREW RASMUSSEN
POLICE are today investigating how a father came to be killed by a police car responding to a 999 call.
A police car, which was responding to an emergency call, collided with another car at the junction of King George's Avenue at around 6.
TWO pedestrians have died after being struck by a police car.
A POLICE car on a 999 call was involved in a collision with another car on Speke Boulevard, Liverpool.
25pm on Saturday on Speke Boulevard, in Speke, The driver of the police car and three people from the Audi were taken to Whiston Hospital for treatment.
FOUR police officers and a teenage motorist were taken to hospital yesterday after an unmarked police car crashed head on with another vehicle on a bend in country road.
A FATAL crash involving a police car was an accident, an independent investigation has found.
The officers, in a marked police car, tried to stop a black Vauxhall Astra in the Lozells area of the city just before midnight on Sunday night.
Businessman Daniel Horne was walking home when the marked police car mounted the pavement and crushed his foot under the wheel.
In the absence of bright line rules, it may be taken as a general rule that officers engaged in investigative detentions should avoid levels of force normally associated with arrests - physical restraint, detention inside a police car, display of weapons, or the use of handcuffs.

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