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Noun1.police squad - a small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crimepolice squad - a small squad of policemen trained to deal with a particular kind of crime
team, squad - a cooperative unit (especially in sports)
vice squad - a police group to enforce laws against gambling and prostitution
platoon - a team of policemen working under the military platoon system
Special Weapons and Tactics squad, Special Weapons and Tactics team, SWAT squad, SWAT team - a squad of policemen who have been trained to deal with violent and dangerous situations
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Police sources said that two employees of Muhafiz Squad including Faisal Amjad and Muhammad Husnain were on patrol duty in Saddar police limits when the police squad asked them to stop two unknown persons riding a motorcycle.
After his joining, when Omer Saeed Malik reached Khanewal police lines, a smart police squad presented him guard of honour.
DPO Sajjad said that when they neared the suspect's hideout, Shaukat and his unidentified accomplice allegedly opened fire on the police squad.
Later, in a separate incident, a police squad car blocking traffic at the crash scene was hit by a vehicle driven by an Aurora man who was charged with his fifth DUI offense, police said.
The occupation ended without injuries when a large police squad moved in and removed the people from the embassy, located in Berlin's Westend neighbourhood.
KARACHI -- An activist, lawyer and independent candidate for both national and provincial assembly seats in the Clifton and Defence areas, Mohammad Jibran Nasir, was briefly detained on Monday by police for not giving way to the police squad of a Sindh High Court judge, said the activist.
The police squad recovered an automated SMG gun, four bullets, one magazine and other substances from his possession, DSP Dani said.
The police chief was warmly welcomed by SSP Garden while a special police squad presented him the guard of honor.
Lari, who was in the most wanted list of the Nepal Police under alleged illegal drug trading business staying here from Nepal to abroad, was arrested by a special police squad in Maharajgunj.
Now that they can be properly called, let's hope that they won't flunk out of the police squad like former dog-in-training Gavel.
According to media reports SHO Pirwadhai said that a Police Squad set up for curbing theft and robbery incidents had arrested the alleged suspect Ahsan Manzoor.
Residents of the Boode Croft Estate said the police helicopter was hovering overhead from around 8pm, and that the area was flooded with unmarked police vehicles, ambulances and eight marked police squad cars.