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Noun1.policy maker - someone who sets the plan pursued by a government or business etc.; "policy makers often make the right decision for the wrong reason"
important person, influential person, personage - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
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POLICY MAKER is expected to come on for the outing after finishing third behind Bellamy Cay on his seasonal debut in Listed company at Saint-Cloud yesterday.
Policy Maker, trained in France by Elie Lellouche, has been added to the King George VI And Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes.
Davidson's fine book is a must read for anyone -- student, policy maker, journalist or casual observer -- who wants to plumb the roots of American thinking and U.S.
|w.sub.i~ and |w.sub.u~ are the weights set by the policy maker for the inflation and unemployment rates, respectively.(2) The weights reflect the preferences of the policy maker and their absolute size reflects the intensity of preferences.
David Miles, a policy maker with Bank of England, has opined that there is much that the central bank could do to help the economy.
I approach this issue, not only as a health policy researcher, but as a former federal policy maker who was responsible for recommending to the Secretary of Health and Human Services how much of an investment the Department should make in federal health data collection and what type of information it should collect regarding health insurance coverage, spending, and access in the future.
An official account of the central bank's latest policy meeting on January 21 showed that at least one policy maker said that it would be "logical" to overshoot the ECB's goal of keeping inflation at just under two per cent "for a limited period," after almost three years of falling short of it.
For our symposium, we defined a "policy maker" in the broadest way; including local, state or federally elected officials, as well as payers, purchasers, practice, and health system leaders.
OK--back to my main thread--by getting a seat at the policy maker's table, we have been able to learn why these governments (that so many NEHA members work for) exist and what the language of local policy makers sounds like.
The answers go well beyond our labs or the policy maker's pen.