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cop 1

n. Informal
1. A police officer.
2. One that regulates certain behaviors or actions: "Faced with the world recession of the early 1980s, ... the World Bank ... became a stern economic taskmaster and cop" (Richard J. Barnet).

[Short for copper.]

cop 2

 (kŏp) Slang
tr.v. copped, cop·ping, cops
a. To get hold of; gain or win: a show that copped four awards; copped a ticket to the game.
b. To perceive by one of the senses: "copped a quick look at the gentleman ... on the right" (Gail Sheehy).
2. To take unlawfully or without permission; steal.
Phrasal Verb:
cop out
To avoid fulfilling a commitment or responsibility; renege: copped out on my friends; copped out by ducking the issue.
cop a feel
To fondle someone sexually in a surreptitious way.
cop a plea
To plead guilty to a lesser charge so as to avoid standing trial for a more serious charge.

[Probably variant of cap, to catch, from Old French caper, from Latin capere; see capture.]

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cop 3

1. A cone-shaped or cylindrical roll of yarn or thread wound on a spindle.
2. Chiefly British A summit or crest, as of a hill.

[Middle English, summit, from Old English.]
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2 of its Privilege Guard program, with support for Windows 7 and Group Policy management capabilities.
Policy management begins by reducing the bottleneck in policy writing.
This report focuses on drivers for messaging policy management in mid-sized and large organizations in North America, as well as the current state of policy development.
Worldwide Computer Products News-5 June 2003-Sandvine launches P2P Policy Management 3.
a leading provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, announced today the release of Policy Management, an enterprise SaaS-based application that facilitates the entire policy management lifecycle from creation to implementation.
This can be achieved by expanding policy management and controls, and combining them with the customer data held in business support systems.
Communications service providers (CSPs) can deploy policy management products to deliver a subscriber-specific customer experience, using network-based traffic management capabilities.
The research conducted for this and others who are interested in participating in the messaging policy management market in some way, whether as providers of messaging policy management systems or as those who support the use of these systems.
Investments in policy management software have taken on greater significance with the explosion of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as P2P, video and gaming applications, and advances in smart phones most notably the iPhone.
Software AG Provides Sophisticated SOA Governance Capabilities Including Automated Policy Management
BARCELONA, Spain -- Bridgewater Systems, a leading developer of subscriber-centric policy management software for IP-based services, today launched new policy control solutions that address the demand for managing subscriber access to applications and network resources in real time.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Bridgewater Systems, a leading developer of subscriber-centric policy management software for IP-based services, today announced that SmarTone-Vodafone has selected Bridgewater to provide a comprehensive policy management solution that will help the Hong Kong-based service provider optimize its mobile services and revenue streams.

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