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One that holds an insurance contract or policy.


(Insurance) a person or organization in whose name an insurance policy is registered


(ˈpɒl ə siˌhoʊl dər)

the individual or firm in whose name an insurance policy is written; an insured.
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Noun1.policyholder - a person who holds an insurance policy; usually, the client in whose name an insurance policy is written
customer, client - someone who pays for goods or services
holder - a person who holds something; "they held two hostages"; "he holds the trophy"; "she holds a United States passport"


[ˈpɒlɪsihəʊldər] nassuré(e) m/fpolicymaker policy-maker [ˈpɒlɪsimeɪkər] nresponsable mf politiquepolicy-making [ˈpɒlɪsimeɪkɪŋ]
nprise f de décision
to be involved in policy-making → être impliqué(e) dans la prise de décision
modif [process] → de décision; [body, role] → décisionnairepolicy priority npriorité fpolicy statement ndéclaration f de principe
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I decompose the risk (probability of loss) of a policyholder into a general risk and a specific risk.
Cost is determined by the age and health of the policyholder.
In some cases, however, the agreement is presented late in the negotiations for the insurance protection, leaving the prospect of the policyholder feeling like he or she has a gun to their head.
It is important always to keep in mind that a captive is strictly a risk-financing technique designed to pay claims and expenses on behalf of its policyholders.
Corporate policyholders should welcome these new sources of financing and the flexibility that these insurance products provide.
March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Policyholders of Mercer Mutual Insurance Company have made history by rejecting Mercer's Plan of Conversion.
UNUM argued that the term policyholder dividend includes any distribution that fits literally within the language of section 808 (b)(1).
Indeed, this lack of policyholder opposition may actually encourage more restructurings.
1991), vapors were released by the material (styrene monomer resin) with which the policyholder resurfaced the floor of a Perdue chicken processing facility.
Wisconsin OCI Proposes to Have Ambac's Liabilities to its Parent Leapfrog Ambac's Policyholders
And while some courts have allowed policyholders to stretch the meaning of "accident," other courts enforce the plain meaning of insurance policies and refuse to allow intentional acts that cause the intended consequences to be treated as accidents.