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or pol·i·cy-mak·ing  (pŏl′ĭ-sē-mā′kĭng)
High-level development of policy, especially official government policy.
Of, relating to, or involving the making of high-level policy: policymaking committees; policymaking decisions.

pol′i·cy·mak′er n.


1. (Commerce) another name for policy adviser
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) another name for policy adviser
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He said MICS indicators also helped policymakers improve human index of society.
A Critical Analysis of Basic Income Experiments for Researchers, Policymakers, and Citizens will be launched at 5.30pm at the university's bookstore at Education City campus.
Georgetown University in Qatar announces an upcoming Book Launch event for Associate Professor Karl Widerquist's book, A Critical Analysis of Basic Income Experiments for Researchers, Policymakers, and Citizens on April 9, 2019.
The policy debate over bubbles concerns the question of what policymakers should do when faced with a rapid increase in asset prices that does not coincide with corresponding changes in the value of the dividends these assets are expected to pay out.
Student-level characteristics, such as gender and race, also have important correlations with college completion rates, and while policymakers cannot influence a student's gender or race, presumably they could influence the disparities in outcomes by gender and race.
Policymakers need to remain agile in their approach to policies and not be too rigid in their own ways in neglecting changes in the environment, said Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).
It is usually recommended that trade surplus is the key to success for a developing economy and policymakers should follow an export-led development strategy to achieve that goal.
My sixth recommendation is really for the policymakers of the Korean government.
These involve repeated interactions between policymakers and commercial lobbyists in a world of asymmetric information.
Gold rose about 1 percent on Wednesday, shaking off two days of losses, as the dollar edged lower after the release of the minutes from Federal Reserve's July meeting at which policymakers voted unanimously to keep US interest rates unchanged.
Summary: Policymakers in developed economies are learning nothing from the 10 years of economic distress