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n. pl. po·leis (-lās′)
A city-state of ancient Greece.

[Greek; see pelə- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl poleis (ˈpɒlaɪs)
(Historical Terms) an ancient Greek city-state
[from Greek: city]


(Law) Scot and Irish the police or a police officer
[C19: a variant pronunciation of police]


(ˈpoʊ lɪs)

n., pl. -leis (-līs).
an ancient Greek city-state.
[1890–95; < Greek pólis, pl. (Ionic) póleis]


a combining form meaning “city” (metropolis), often used in the formation of place names (Annapolis).
[comb. form representing Greek pólis polis]


The Greek term for a city-state—an area dominated by and administered from a central fortifiable town.
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Then he saw the Saddhu fall sheer into the hands of the polis - all the effect of thy art.
It is therefore slightly surprising that a major treatment of the meaning of time in the polis has not been attempted before.
Furthermore, scorpions can forage in the vegetation when prey availability in vegetation is higher such as during periods of high precipitation (see Polis 1979, 1980b).
Palabras claves: Obra de arte, estetica, polis, politica, desocultamiento, Heidegger
5) In its Classical form, the polis may be defined as an urban form minimally comprising "a community of persons, of place or territory, of cults, customs and laws, and capable of (full or partial) self-administration (which presupposes institutions and meeting places)" (Raaflaub 1997, 630).
Some time later a polis appeared and asked to see the scene of the crime and the body.
The eighth century saw the re-introduction of the alphabet, now borrowed from the Phoenicians, the organization of pan-Hellenic institutions such as the Olympic Games and the Delphic oracle, active colonization, and, most critically for my purposes, the emergence of the polis (city-state) as a distinct form of social organization.
Polis blames this on the change in oil production in the skin, hormonal imbalances, and the thinning of the epidermis, which can trigger itching and burning that can be quite uncomfortable, even damaging to thinning skin if persistent scratching results.
Polis studied 15 HIV/AIDS patients on HAART with inactive CMV retinitis and CD4 counts of 150 cells/[micro]L or greater.
That's also the opinion of John Polis, senior manager of fine wine for National Distributing, a Washington-based wine importer for U.
The book is divided into four parts dealing with "Images and culture," "Themes and traditions," Venice: spectacle and polis," and "Languages and ideology.
At one time I tried to get the emotion out of `cannibalism,' but it's a word that just won't go away," sighs Gary Polis of the University of California, Davis.