polish off

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v. pol·ished, pol·ish·ing, pol·ish·es
1. To make smooth and shiny by rubbing or chemical action.
2. To remove the outer layers from (grains of rice) by rotation in drums.
3. To refine or remove flaws from; perfect or complete: polish one's piano technique; polish up the lyrics.
To become smooth or shiny by being rubbed: The table polishes up nicely.
1. Smoothness or shininess of surface or finish.
2. A substance containing chemical agents or abrasive particles and applied to smooth or shine a surface: shoe polish.
3. The act or process of polishing: gave the lamp a polish.
4. Elegance of style or manners; refinement.
Phrasal Verb:
polish off Informal
To finish or dispose of quickly and easily.

[Middle English polisshen, from Old French polir, poliss-, from Latin polīre; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

pol′ish·er n.


Of or relating to Poland, the Poles, their language, or their culture.
The Slavic language of the Poles.
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polish off

vb (tr, adverb)
1. to finish or process completely
2. to dispose of or kill; eliminate
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Verb1.polish off - finish a task completely; "I finally got through this homework assignment"
complete, finish - come or bring to a finish or an end; "He finished the dishes"; "She completed the requirements for her Master's Degree"; "The fastest runner finished the race in just over 2 hours; others finished in over 4 hours"
cap off - finish or complete, as with some decisive action; "he capped off the meeting with a radical proposal"
2.polish off - kill intentionally and with premeditation; "The mafia boss ordered his enemies murdered"
kill - cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly; "This man killed several people when he tried to rob a bank"; "The farmer killed a pig for the holidays"
burke - murder without leaving a trace on the body
execute - murder in a planned fashion; "The Mafioso who collaborated with the police was executed"
3.polish off - finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table; "She polished off the remaining potatoes"
eat - take in solid food; "She was eating a banana"; "What did you eat for dinner last night?"
tuck away, tuck in, put away - eat up; usually refers to a considerable quantity of food; "My son tucked in a whole pizza"
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1. To give a gleaming luster to, usually through friction:
2. To bring to perfection or completion:
Idiom: smooth off the rough edges.
3. To improve by making minor changes or additions:
phrasal verb
polish off
2. Informal. To eat completely or entirely:
Informal: put away.
1. A radiant brightness or glow, usually due to light reflected from a smooth surface:
2. Refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style:
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w>polish off

vt sep (inf) foodverdrücken (inf), → verputzen (inf); drinkwegputzen (inf); workwegschaffen (inf), → erledigen; opponent, competitorabfertigen, abservieren (inf)
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(ˈpoliʃ) verb
1. to make smooth and shiny by rubbing. She polished her shoes.
2. (especially with up) to improve. Polish up your English!
1. smoothness and shininess. There's a wonderful polish on this old wood.
2. a kind of liquid, or other substance used to make something shiny. furniture polish; silver polish.
ˈpolished adjective
(negative unpolished).
polish off
to finish. She polished off the last of the ice-cream.
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References in classic literature ?
Then they could take off th' edge o' their hunger while they were in their garden an' th, fine food they get indoors 'ud polish off th' corners."
Then we sat down to polish off the perspiration and arrange about what we would do with him when we got him.
Paint on this Peel Off Base Coat first and simply peel your sparkly polish off, no remover required.
Competitors are given just 15 minutes to polish off the lot.
New to the market is Elliona Gel Off, a thick acetone gel that sits on top of the varnish and gets to work in two minutes and doesn't require foils, so you can scrape polish off once it's lifted.
Lyle admitted she wouldn't be stopped from a lap of the stadium to polish off a successful debut.
So, if you don't manage to polish off a whole bottle of Champers this Valentine's Day, buy one of these.
POLISH OFF It's worth getting Gel Perfect's own No-Mess Express remover, PS6.50.
But it's fair to say that the city centre eaterie experienced an increase in the number of casual enquiries about festive bookings during the time it took him to polish off his lunch.
To treat, take the polish off as you need to treat the bare nail.
The game was still evenly poised when Somerset resumed on 124 for six with an overall lead of 194, but it quickly went Yorkshire's way as Sidebottom struck by having Alfonso Thomas caught at slip by Adam Lyth before Craig Meschede's off-stump was flattened by Ajmal Shahzad, leaving the rampant Sidebottom to polish off Murali Kartik and Steve Kirby.

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