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v. pol·ished, pol·ish·ing, pol·ish·es
1. To make smooth and shiny by rubbing or chemical action.
2. To remove the outer layers from (grains of rice) by rotation in drums.
3. To refine or remove flaws from; perfect or complete: polish one's piano technique; polish up the lyrics.
To become smooth or shiny by being rubbed: The table polishes up nicely.
1. Smoothness or shininess of surface or finish.
2. A substance containing chemical agents or abrasive particles and applied to smooth or shine a surface: shoe polish.
3. The act or process of polishing: gave the lamp a polish.
4. Elegance of style or manners; refinement.
Phrasal Verb:
polish off Informal
To finish or dispose of quickly and easily.

[Middle English polisshen, from Old French polir, poliss-, from Latin polīre; see pel- in Indo-European roots.]

pol′ish·er n.


Of or relating to Poland, the Poles, their language, or their culture.
The Slavic language of the Poles.
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Noun1.polisher - a power tool used to buff surfacespolisher - a power tool used to buff surfaces  
buffing wheel - a wheel that is covered with soft material
power tool - a tool driven by a motor
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[ˈpɒlɪʃəʳ] N (= person) → pulidor(a) m/f; (= machine) → enceradora f
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n (= person)Schleifer(in) m(f); (= machine)Schleif-/Polier-/Bohnermaschine f
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[ˈpɒlɪʃəʳ] n (machine) → levigatrice f; (floor polisher) → lucidatrice f
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Jacquotte, however, was an indefatigable folder of linen, a born rubber and polisher of furniture, and a passionate lover of a perfectly religious and ceremonial cleanliness of the most scrupulous, the most radiant, and most fragrant kind.
Nay, those great polishers of our manners, who are by some thought to teach what principally distinguishes us from the brute creation, even dancing-masters themselves, might possibly find no place in society.
No sooner had the holidays commenced than note of preparation for some momentous event sounded all through the premises of Pelet: painters, polishers, and upholsterers were immediately set to work, and there was talk of "la chambre de Madame," "le salon de Madame." Not deeming it probable that the old duenna at present graced with that title in our house, had inspired her son with such enthusiasm of filial piety, as to induce him to fit up apartments expressly for her use, I concluded, in common with the cook, the two housemaids, and the kitchen-scullion, that a new and more juvenile Madame was destined to be the tenant of these gay chambers.
ROY CAVE FRENCH POLISHERS ESTABLISHED for over 40 years, Roy Cave is a skilled, timeserved tradesman who has been working as a French polisher and restorer since leaving school and starting his apprenticeship at the age of 15.
LAHORE:Gone are the days, when people sitting in their homes would hear the familiar voice of a utensil polisher, shouting "Bhandey Qalee Kara Lo, Puraney Nawae Kara Lo" (Get your pots serviced, get the old ones turned new).
'I will not be a 'yes man' or an 'apple polisher'...
* Fine intra-oral "Step 2" diamond impregnated polishers are used as a final universal polisher that provides an exquisite finish to all restorations
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 17, 2017-Peak Rock Capital Affiliate Sells Metals Processor and Polisher Main Steel
The Aztec UltraGrind concrete grinder and polisher is a propane-powered, easy to use, rugged concrete grinder and polisher that dramatically increases efficiency by eliminating clumsy power extension cables and expensive power generators.
A FRENCH polisher who turned to a life of crime is back behind bars again after raiding a student house.