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 (pŏl′ĭ-tĕs′, pô′lē-)
Courteous formality; politeness: "the soul of uptown refinement and ... politesse" (Russell Baker).

[French, from Old French, cleanliness, from Italian pulitezza, politezza, from pulire, to polish, clean, from Latin polīre; see polite.]


formal or genteel politeness
[C18: via French from Italian politezza, ultimately from Latin polīre to polish]


(ˌpɒl ɪˈtɛs, ˌpɔ li-)

formal politeness; courtesy.
[1710–20; < French: orig. clean or polished state < Italian politezza]
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Noun1.politesse - courtesy towards womenpolitesse - courtesy towards women    
good manners, courtesy - a courteous manner


Well-mannered behavior toward others:
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Le capitaine de la Selecao a ensuite rendu la politesse au capitaine du Barca : il a signe une talonnade geniale en pleine surface et l'Espagnol a arme une frappe limpide qui a assomme le Real, au moment meme ou il esquissait une timide reaction (53e).
Boubekeur de Tiaret, qui reste sur quatre troisiemes places d'affilee sur 1300 metres, ne se laissera compter fleurette et reste en mesure de lui bruler la politesse, lors du declenchement des hostilites aux abords du disque d'arrivee et il en a le moyen pour remporter ce pari Quarte- Quinte qui s'adresse aux chevaux de 3 ans et plus Arabe Nes et Eleves en Algerie, ne s'etant pas classes parmi les deux premiers d'une epreuve depuis le 01/01/15 a ce jour.
The coin of this realm is diplomatic politesse even among bitter enemies, with member states treated as inherently redeemable--if they promise to mend their ways.
What I find, too, is that while Ms Shrager, 64, may be the touchstone for manners and politesse, she is actually the first one to laugh at herself.
Greeks and others may fault him for pursuing his agenda with too little politesse while in office.
Chris Christie could have made good on his boasts about always telling it like it is and being unconstrained by politesse.
The costs of occupation were obvious in people's tense faces and in their notorious lack of politesse.
And he bemoaned the puritanical instincts behind the protesters' cause, writing: "With all the prim politesse that Victorian hostesses used when covering suggestively bare furniture legs with chaste little pelmets, "No More Page 3" has secured its joyless goals .
The film makes use of the label history in an opening sequence that amusingly explains how Paddington (renamed by the Browns when his Peruvian moniker proves to be a throaty growl) learned English -- as well as how to make marmalade and the values of British stoicism and politesse.
According to these sentences, it is an advice to us, the mankind, to observe politesse, listen carefully and never interrupt them while our addressee is still uttering their sentences lest we might not comprehend what they have said imperfectly.
It slipstreams away from the conventional politesse of the gentlemanly amanuensis, and rugby-tackles the slackness of lines, stanzas, and indeed whole poems where the writing is not up to scratch.
Effectively, this group of individuals is participating in a complicity of silence central to the culture of gentility and politesse that characterizes the Southern U.