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 (pŏl′ĭ-tĕs′, pô′lē-)
Courteous formality; politeness: "the soul of uptown refinement and ... politesse" (Russell Baker).

[French, from Old French, cleanliness, from Italian pulitezza, politezza, from pulire, to polish, clean, from Latin polīre; see polite.]


formal or genteel politeness
[C18: via French from Italian politezza, ultimately from Latin polīre to polish]


(ˌpɒl ɪˈtɛs, ˌpɔ li-)

formal politeness; courtesy.
[1710–20; < French: orig. clean or polished state < Italian politezza]
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Noun1.politesse - courtesy towards womenpolitesse - courtesy towards women    
good manners, courtesy - a courteous manner


Well-mannered behavior toward others:
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Et la presidence du gouvernement semble avoir confisque la primeur de l'annoncer en prenant le manifeste soin d'attribuer cette eclaircie a la loi de finances 2018, un mois apres son entree en application, brulant peut-etre la politesse a l'Institut national de la statistique, generalement habilite a rendre publics les chiffres sur les echanges commerciaux, certes, mais aussi sur tous les autres indicateurs de l'economie nationale.
French was the language of international diplomacy; those groomed for lives that would traverse the global elite had to master French politesse.
He attributed that ability to a diplomatic politesse rooted in the group's leaders, who he said know how to deal with contentious issues without being too pointed.
The unceremonious manner by which Robredo was eased out from the Cabinet smacks of inordinate partisanship, gross impropriety and absence of requisite politesse,' he said.
13-Tounisa : Embusquee dans le bas du tableau, cette femelle grise de 4 ans qui s'est deja placee a plusieurs reprises dans des lots identiques a celui du jour, s'elancera avec de serieuses ambitions pour tenter de bruler la politesse aux chevaux les mieux places pour remporter cette epreuve.
Beckinsale, who had the title role in a 1996 television version of Emma, is wickedly candid and cunning as a widow looking out for herself, and mooching, with the utmost politesse, off in-laws, friends and admirers.
They say it's because he says what he thinks, without calculation or politesse.
Le capitaine de la Selecao a ensuite rendu la politesse au capitaine du Barca : il a signe une talonnade geniale en pleine surface et l'Espagnol a arme une frappe limpide qui a assomme le Real, au moment meme ou il esquissait une timide reaction (53e).
What I find, too, is that while Ms Shrager, 64, may be the touchstone for manners and politesse, she is actually the first one to laugh at herself.
Greeks and others may fault him for pursuing his agenda with too little politesse while in office.
Chris Christie could have made good on his boasts about always telling it like it is and being unconstrained by politesse.
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