political asylum

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مَلجأ سِياسي
azylpolitický azyl
politikai menedékjog
pólitískt hæli
politický azyl
siyasi sığınma hakkı

political asylum

nasilo politico
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(ˈpolitiks) noun singular or plural
the science or business of, or ideas about, or affairs concerning, government.
poˈlitical adjective
of, or concerning, politics. for political reasons; political studies.
poˈlitically adverb
poˌlitically corˈrect adjective
(also PC) (of language or behaviour) that does not offend particular groups of people. It is politically correct to use `he or she', and not just `he', when you mean a man or a woman.
ˌpoliˈtician (-ˈtiʃən) noun
a person whose job is politics; a member of parliament.
political asylum
protection given by a government to a foreigner who has left his own country for political reasons.
political prisoner
a person who has been imprisoned for political reasons and not for any crime.
political ˈscience noun
a field of study dealing with politics, government and other political institutions.
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The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), which oversees relations with China, on Thursday downplayed a report that several Hong Kong residents have come to Taiwan to seek political asylum.
Talking about Dar's plea for political asylum in Britain, Shahzad Akbar said that the government had provided concrete evidences against Ishaq Dar to the British authorizes so as to extradite the former finance minister to Pakistan.
Former finance minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Ishaq Dar has reportedly once again approached the British Home Office in London to apply for political asylum, a media outlet claimed on Wednesday.
How was this man was granted political asylum here in Ireland - or that his status was not later revoked - beggars belief.
LONDON -- PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif those who are harping on the tone that he has filed an application for seeking political asylum in UK should provide evidence.
Ex-Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to South Korea Kylychbek Sultan told reporters today why he earlier saidhe had asked political asylum.
ROME, Jan 3 (KUNA) -- Italy on Thursday could not confirm circulating reports that a former North Korean diplomat had sought political asylum in the European nation.
FORMER United States Secretary of State and Chair, Albright Stonebridge Group, Madeleine Albright, has said she may consider a political asylum.
The envoys of Hungary, Polland, Italy and other diplomats of European Union also expressed their ignorance about Asia Bibi leaving Pakistan to other countries and her seeking political asylum. Hungray envoy in Pakistan Istvan SZABO said he is aware of only media reports about Asia Bibi.
Former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has fled to Hungary and has claimed political asylum from the Hungarian authorities.
Dar on October 19 reportedly applied for political asylum in the United Kingdom.

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