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Noun1.political dissident - a dissenter from political orthodoxy
dissenter, dissident, objector, protester, contestant - a person who dissents from some established policy
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Defence lawyers for Al Fawwaz, who did not testify at trial, claimed he was a peaceful political dissident who shared with bin Laden a desire for reform in their native Saudi Arabia but eventually turned away from the Al Qaeda leader when he began calling for violence against US citizens.
This work collects dialogues conducted over a period of about a decade between educational scholar Orelus, who produced the book, and the more famous linguist and political dissident, Noam Chomsky.
Instead, she was forced into an arranged marriage with a man who lived a dangerous life in Tehran as a political dissident.
He was sentenced to five years in prison -- a punishment that turned Navalny, 37, who recently declared his candidacy for mayor of Moscow, from an opposition activist to a political dissident and prisoner.
But independent sources say he intervened to save lives, and gave his identity card to a political dissident to enable him to escape across the border.
China's decision comes after a series of other penalties that seem to be China's reaction to the awarding of the 2010 Nobel peace prize to a Chinese political dissident.
Using Rebiya Kadeer's life story as foundation, this tells of her experiences as a refugee child, self-made multimillionaire, and later as a political dissident protesting human rights violations in her country.
Wilman Villar, a Cuban political dissident who began a hunger strike in late November, died Jan.
1 ROJ BLAKE (Gareth Thomas) A political dissident who was captured after attending a banned political meeting outside the Domed City.
gypt's Chief Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud has refused to investigate a complaint filed against political dissident Ayman Nour accusing him of "tranishing the reputation" of President Hosni Mubarak's younger son, legal sources said on Friday.
Vasquez Montalban started as a political dissident against Franco's regime, spending three years in prison before becoming a political journalist, poet and writer, reported The Associated Press.
Government and other leaders in the field to discuss the successes and challenges of Internet-based political dissident movements around the world.

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