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Noun1.political sphere - a sphere of intense political activity
arena, domain, sphere, orbit, area, field - a particular environment or walk of life; "his social sphere is limited"; "it was a closed area of employment"; "he's out of my orbit"
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Indeed, the political sphere for maneuver has contracted considerably and grown dark as we have seen since 1946.
Born in Rhuddlan in Flintshire, Ms Brookes was a well known and formidable figure in the political sphere and an active supporter of the Tory party for most of her life.
This hyperdemeaning broad-brush negative portrayal and mistrust of Iran in the American public political sphere and the accusation that it is a dangerous and untrustworthy party run totally against the constructive principles that saw these historic negotiations succeed.
By separating idealistic and business organizations in the political sphere, [section] 501(c)(3) weakens at least religious organizations in their pursuit of their religious ideals.
The Central Bank of Cyprus staff were holding a one-hour strike on Thursday as a show of dissatisfaction over the negative climate caused by the rift between the CBC and the political sphere.
For his part, Mladenov that the United Nations has played a major role in the political sphere and the area of national reconciliation and respect of human rights after the fall of the former regime, praising the response of the political forces with the United Nations Mission.
She has been a vociferous critic of her aunt, Benazir Bhutto, and has publicly declared that she has no desire to enter Pakistan's political sphere.
She has never worked other than in the political sphere and therefore by definition a career politician.
Their view that religion has a destructive influence in the political sphere has led them to conclude that religion has no place in the political process.
Here, Gundle describes the careers of several important film stars of Fascist Italy, and analyzes them in the context of their intersection with the political sphere.
He pointed out that the economic aspects of any action is supplementary to the political sphere and that is what the State of Kuwait has been doing.
The UN Resident Representative praised the progress made by Yemen in the political sphere, valuing the facilities and protection provided by Yemeni security authorities to the UN's staff in the country.