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Noun1.political unit - a unit with political responsibilities
body politic, country, nation, res publica, commonwealth, state, land - a politically organized body of people under a single government; "the state has elected a new president"; "African nations"; "students who had come to the nation's capitol"; "the country's largest manufacturer"; "an industrialized land"
Holy Roman Empire - a political entity in Europe that began with the papal coronation of Otto I as the first emperor in 962 and lasted until 1806 when it was dissolved by Napoleon
social unit, unit - an organization regarded as part of a larger social group; "the coach said the offensive unit did a good job"; "after the battle the soldier had trouble rejoining his unit"
union - a political unit formed from previously independent people or organizations; "the Soviet Union"
Palestine Authority, Palestine National Authority, Palestinian National Authority - combines the Gaza Strip and the West Bank under a political unit with limited autonomy and a police force; created in 1993 by an agreement between Israel and the PLO
cadre, cell - a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement
amphictyony - an association of neighboring states or tribes in ancient Greece; established originally to defend a common religious center
lunatic fringe - a political unit with extreme and fanatical views
revolutionary group - a political unit organized to promote revolution
form of government, political system - the members of a social organization who are in power
pressure group, third house, lobby - a group of people who try actively to influence legislation
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Thus, beside the adaptive strategy like exit, firms can undertake the influential action through relationship or business power to change the behavior of political unit. Accordingly, as Katsikeas and Theodosiou (2006) stipulate the actions of international service firms can be either adaptive or influential.
The president also wantsa Magna Carta for thebarangay "to promote and ensure its welfare in recognition of its role in society as a basic political unit." "I suggest Congress should also enact the Magna Carta for Barangays," he said.
An election protest which is not only divisive but also disruptive of the affairs of a political unit cannot and should never be allowed to proceed on mere belief and suspicion of a losing candidate."
But what a way for a political family to control areas of their choice by letting spouses, sons, daughters and other relatives run in every political unit there is.
The delegation led by Mr John Winstead Political Unit Chief and Ms Jean Foster Economic Officer included Ms Sanam Noor, Mr Saleh Shah and other local staff members met with students and faculty at the Syndicate Hall of the university.
Gujral, Deve Gowda and Chandrashekar become Prime Ministers even though they were not the choices of the largest political unit. EeThe catch here is that they need aACAyoutside supportaACAO from either the Congress party or one or more parties who are not ready to be part of a coalition government but do not mind propping up a government so as to keep the BJP out of office.
The stability of any autonomous political unit depends upon two criteria: consensus of opinion about the assumptions underlying the system and the leaders from within itself.
Al-Malki stressed that decision clearly "proves that the US administration has adopted the agenda of the far-right Israeli settler movement, treating the entire area of historic Palestine as one political unit under Israeli control."
Robinson, the head of political and economic affairs at the US consulate general in Karachi, along with Adam Zerbinopoulos, who heads the political unit, visited Nawabshah on Thursday.
Chaggaris began working for CBS in 1999 as an associate producer in the Political Unit and covered John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign as an embedded campaign reporter.
"The maintenance of Iraq's territorial integrity and political unit is one of the fundamental principles of Turkey's Iraq policy."