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Variant of pollock.
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(ˈpɒlək) or


n, pl -lacks, -lack, -locks or -lock
(Animals) a gadoid food fish, Pollachius pollachius, that has a dark green back and a projecting lower jaw and occurs in northern seas, esp the North Atlantic Ocean
[C17: from earlier Scottish podlok, of obscure origin]


(Biography) Sydney. 1934–2008, US film director. His films include Tootsie (1982), Out of Africa (1986), and The Firm (1993)
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(ˈpɒl ək)

n., pl. -locks, (esp. collectively) -lock.
1. a greenish North Atlantic food fish, Pollachius virens, of the cod family, with a white lateral stripe and a jutting lower jaw.
2. Also, pollack. a related, brownish food fish, P. pollachius.
[1495–1505; assimilated variant of podlok (Scots); akin to Scots paddle lumpfish; see -ock]


(ˈpɒl ək)

1. Sir Frederick, 1845–1937, English legal scholar and author.
2. Jackson, 1912–56, U.S. painter.
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Noun1.Pollack - United States filmmaker (born in 1934)
2.pollack - lean white flesh of North Atlantic fish; similar to codfish
Pollachius pollachius, pollack, pollock - important food and game fish of northern seas (especially the northern Atlantic); related to cod
saltwater fish - flesh of fish from the sea used as food
3.pollack - important food and game fish of northern seas (especially the northern Atlantic)pollack - important food and game fish of northern seas (especially the northern Atlantic); related to cod
gadoid, gadoid fish - a soft-finned fish of the family Gadidae
pollack, pollock - lean white flesh of North Atlantic fish; similar to codfish
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[ˈpɒlək] N (pollacks or pollack (pl)) → abadejo m
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