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n. pl. pol·lin·i·a (-ē-ə)
A coherent mass of pollen grains typically transferred as a unit during pollination, found in the flowers of certain plants such as orchids and milkweeds.

[New Latin, from pollen, pollin-, pollen; see pollinate.]
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n, pl -ia (-ɪə)
(Botany) a mass of cohering pollen grains, produced by plants such as orchids and transported as a whole during pollination
[C19: New Latin; see pollen]
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(pəˈlɪn i əm)

n., pl. -lin•i•a (-ˈlɪn i ə)
an agglutinated mass of pollen grains, characteristic of plants of the orchid and milkweed families.
[1860–65; < New Latin pollin-, s. of pollen pollen]
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Noun1.pollinium - a coherent mass of pollen grains (as in orchids)
pollen - the fine spores that contain male gametes and that are borne by an anther in a flowering plant
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Fertilizing ability of cryopreserved pollinia of Luisia macrantha, an endemic orchid of western Ghats.
They cannot obtain pollen from milkweeds, because milkweed encapsulates its pollen in pollinia that pollinators can transmit, but cannot exploit (Woodson 1954; Morse 1985).
Suetsugu K, Tanaka K (2014) Consumption of Habenana sagittifera pollinia by juveniles of the katydid Ducetia japonica.
Pollinarium 5-5.5 mm long, ca.1.8 mm wide, formed by 2 subclavate, longitudinally cleft, cream-yellow pollinia; viscidium ventral, apical, sheathing the apex of the rostellum, oblong-lanceolate, obtuse, grey, keeled, ca.
Pollinia praemorsa Nees ex Steud = Polytrias amaura (Buse) Kuntze
Effects of pollinia removal and insertion on flower longevity in Chloraea alpina (Orchidaceae).
Instead, the pollen grains are released as aggregates called "pollinia." A slender stalk connects a pollium to a sticky base that adheres the entire pollinium, containing thousands of pollen grains, to a pollinator.
Pollen often in a sac called pollinia. Genera and species are often cross-compatible.