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tr.v. pol·li·nized, pol·li·niz·ing, pol·li·niz·es
To pollinate.

pol′li·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
pol′li·niz′er n.
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5 Medium, good flavor Apricots Puget Gold July -- Rival July Mild flavor Royal (Blenheim) July Self-fruitful Moongold July Cold-hardy, pollinized by Sungold Sungold July Pollinized by Moongold, hardy Chinese July Resist frost Cherries, sour varieties Montmorency July Michigan strain best North Star July Dwarf variety Cherries, sweet varieties Royal Ann Mid White, pollinized by Corum Bing Mid Black, pollinized by Van, Corum Lambert Late Black, pollinized by Van, Corum Van Early Black, pollinized by Bing, Lambert Sam Mid Black, pollinized by Lambert Bada Mid White, pollinized by Royal Ann, Bing, Lambert, semi-dwarf Stella Mid Self-fruitful, black Compact Stella Mid Smaller than Stella Chestnuts Revival Sept.