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tr.v. pol·li·nized, pol·li·niz·ing, pol·li·niz·es
To pollinate.

pol′li·ni·za′tion (-nĭ-zā′shən) n.
pol′li·niz′er n.
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(ˈpɒləˌnaɪzə) or


(Plants) a variant form of pollenizer
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Due to production difficulties in the early years of operations, there are a smaller number of mature pollinizer trees than is optimal.
A female vine, 'Supreme' will need a pollinizer vine nearby to set fruit.
Fruit set in almond is strongly influenced by presence of pollinizer cultivars, insect pollinators and by climatic conditions affecting pollen viability, germination and pollinator activity (Corbet 1990; Dulberger et al.
While genetic factors determine the ultimate potential of the pollinizer (Hill et al., 1985), environmental variables, including mineral nutrition of the plant, have profound influence the quantity and quality of the pollen produced and its subsequent performance (Nyomora et al., 2000; Hussein et al., 2014).
Gather excess secondary blossoms from a pollinizer variety (a variety that produces sufficient pollen) in a paper bag, and dip the feathers in the bag of blossoms to then apply to the blossoms of the tree you're pollinating.
Fotiric-Aksic, "The effect of pollinizer on the fruit set of plum cultivar Cacanska Najbolja," Journal of Agricultural Science, vol.
Use of sweet pollinizer in almond is reported to reduce amygdalin content causing bitterness in almond up to 21% (Sanchez-Perez et al., 2012).
Table 18-5 indicates some of the fruit and nut trees that need a pollinizer. Bees also help with pollination.
chilling dripline pollinizer pomology subtropical fruit subtropical nut temperate fruit temperate nut tropical fruit tropical nut
Hazelnut are self-sterile, pollinizers such as Duchilly, Halls Giant and Butler are planted at a ration of one pollinizer to fourteen Barcelona or Ennis Trees (Lagerstedt and Thompson, 1980).
A typical solution is to have equal numbers of the pollinizer and the main variety, both good marketable cherry types, even though each type of cherry usually needs to be harvested and marketed separately.
Only rarely do the honeybees move between pollinizer (a pollen source for compatible grains) and fruit trees (Degrandi-Hoffman et al., 1984b).