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tr.v. pol·lut·ed, pol·lut·ing, pol·lutes
1. To make unfit for or harmful to living things, especially by the addition of waste matter. See Synonyms at contaminate.
2. To make less suitable for an activity, especially by the introduction of unwanted factors: The stadium lights polluted the sky around the observatory.
3. To render impure or morally harmful; corrupt: felt that the minds of young people were hopelessly polluted by television ads.

[Middle English polluten, from Latin polluere, pollūt-.]

pol·lut′er n.
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References in classic literature ?
With the flat of my sword I struck down his polluting hand; and grasping Dejah Thoris round the waist, I swung her behind me as, with my back against the draperies of the dais, I faced the tyrant of the north and his roomful of noble warriors.
He objected to Roscoe Sherriff's polluting this fair night with his cacophony.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) would not just close establishments polluting Manila Bay, they would also order a full shutdown of their operations.
polluted shortening damaging lungs, impacting NHS Birmingham City Council has conducted a consultation on plans for a controversial clean air zone, which will see high polluting cars and vehicles charged to enter Birmingham city centre from 2020.
Among various issues which were discussed during the meeting, the members raised their concerns on the highly polluting batching plants which is not only a health hazard for the area but they are also damaging the roads and other public infrastructure.
GUJRANWALA -- The factories polluting the environment by using prohibited energy resources would be sealed and no pressure would be entertained in this regard, MC Mayor Sh Sarwat Ikram said.
"The industry, with a few exceptions, is the least polluting, because the most precautionary measures are taken there, the main source of pollution is domestic heating of solid fuels, the air in Vidin is the most polluted and it is not surprising.
On April 19, the NGT directed immediate and complete shutdown of 76 polluting industries around the lake after a mound of garbage was set on fire in February this year leading to massive pollution in the area.
Six industrial units face closure for polluting environment
I am not surprised rivers are polluted if this is how people dispose of their dog mess, or have they not heard of chemical dog loos which can get rid of dog mess in a more suitable way without polluting our precious waterways.
The plan looks at greater pollution monitoring, more efficient pollution checks for vehicles and shutting down of polluting industries.