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Adj.1.pollyannaish - pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimisticpollyannaish - pleasantly (even unrealistically) optimistic
optimistic - expecting the best in this best of all possible worlds; "in an optimistic mood"; "optimistic plans"; "took an optimistic view"
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Let us look at the most optimistic scenario premised on Iran's return to the negotiating table, although I do admit that might be Pollyannaish in light of the country's hardliners who railed against former US President Barack Obama's nuclear deal from the get-go.
And according to State Forester Joe Fox: "I don't want to be too pollyannaish, but we've never done this well in Arkansas.
I know it sounds a bit Pollyannaish and I definitely don't live that out every day, but it is something I come back to during the tough times of being a pastor.
MB: I am a lot less optimistic or, if you like, Pollyannaish about the future of America than I used to be.
A risk-attenuation strategy may be criticized as Pollyannaish or naive by advocates of assertive versions of containment or offset policies, but such a strategy recognizes the constraint that those advocates thus far have failed to surmount, which is to offer decision makers a compelling argument to change the incumbent hierarchy of China policy priorities and accept the additional risk of armed conflict that their preferred strategies incur.
The State Department will not confirm that"peace talks" are in progress, but spokeswoman Heather Nauert said it is the administration's view that"if you can get a cease-fire that lasts a few days, perhaps you could get another one that lasts a bit longer, and that gives the people of Afghanistan hope." It would be Pollyannaish to say an end is in sight to a 17-year conflict in which more than 2,400 US military and civilian personnel have given their lives.
One day, the BCA will cease to be the law of the land; however, its pollyannaish to believe this will unshackle federal agencies from future resource constraints.
As brutally candid as McNally can sometimes be, The Promise of Failure is ultimately an inspiring book--but never in a Pollyannaish self-help way.
I try always to be realistic, not Pollyannaish. While the ebbs and flows of public opinion continue on an over-all upward swing, pro-lifers know the battle can never be over until legal protection is returned to unborn children.
The political and media dereliction could be seen as pollyannaish. Others might compare it with Nero and his lyre.
Leahy's tone is positive and empowering but far from Pollyannaish. He tackles the toughest relationship hurdles, including infidelity, and affirms difficult feelings and circumstances without brushing them aside.