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a. A game played by two teams of three or four players on horseback who are equipped with long-handled mallets for driving a small wooden ball through the opponents' goal.
b. Water polo.
2. A polo shirt.

[Balti (Tibeto-Burman language of Pakistan), ball; akin to Tibetan (Lhasa dialect) pulu.]

po′lo·ist n.


a person who plays or is devoted to polo
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Major Colin Ross, millionaire Canadian poloist, was at one time the centre of interest in the game of February 4th between a picked Coronado team and three Canadian players.
Fuennes is a splendid horseman, although it is said that as a poloist he has won no medals.
The organization's membership includes boaters, rowers and kayakers, swimmers, divers and water poloists, marine enthusiasts, and business professionals who commit thousands of hours annually organizing and promoting aquatic sports and events in Long Beach.