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The fact or practice of being romantically or sexually involved with more than one person with the knowledge and consent of all parties.

[poly- + Latin amor, love; see amorous + -y.]

pol′y·am′o·rous adj.
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the practice of openly having more than one intimate relationship at a time
ˌpolyˈamorous adj
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The Strictly 2018 winner, who went on to start a relationship with her professional dance partner after the series wrapped, confessed polyamory would never work for her as she would get too jealous.
Stacey Dooley says she can understand why some people are in a relationship with more than one person, after making a documentary on polyamory.
She dates the new bohemian era to the 2008 economic crash and peers at it from every angle--from meditation and yoga to polyamory and chakra sightseeing.
In Tales, we see Millennial lesbians and queer women trying to connect and have relationships, negotiating issues such as polyamory, casual sex, commitment, and trying to bridge the cisgender-trans divide.
The band practices polyamory, with relationships that are fluid and many members having had romantic entanglements.
I was glad to see the Humanist address polyamory in the most recent issue ("Lots of Love: Exploring Polyamory in Portland," by Becky Garrison, M/A 2019).
At the same time, Creation develops their own sexuality, informed by their childhood in a family of sex-positive polyamory. A This section showcases that children from all kinds of families struggle with the early years of adulthood but that having a supportive network of parents benefits children greatly.
Louis was mostly talking to fans of polyamory - the practice of engaging in multiple sexual relationships with the consent of all the people involved.
He meets families practising polyamory and 'ethical non-monogamy' (openly having multiple relationships that aren't just about jiggy-jiggy), which goes one of two ways - spreading love all around, or spreading jealousy and heartbreak.
This week he's in Oregon (below) meeting people into polyamory - having multiple sexual partners.