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1. The condition or practice of having more than one husband at one time.
2. Zoology A mating pattern in which a female mates with more than one male in a single breeding season.
3. Botany The condition of having numerous stamens.

pol′y·an′drous (-ăn′drəs) adj.
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(ˌpɒl iˈæn drəs)

1. of, pertaining to, characterized by, or practicing polyandry.
2. having an indefinite number of stamens.
[1820–30; < Greek polyándros having many husbands. See poly-, -androus]
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Adj.1.polyandrous - having more than one husband at a time
polygamous - having more than one mate at a time; used of relationships and individuals
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[ˌpɒlɪˈændrəs] ADJpoliándrico
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adjVielmännerei betreibend, polyandrisch (spec); (Bot) → polyadelphisch
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Hilaire, both in varieties and in species, that when any part or organ is repeated many times in the structure of the same individual (as the vertebrae in snakes, and the stamens in polyandrous flowers) the number is variable; whereas the number of the same part or organ, when it occurs in lesser numbers, is constant.
While the diversity of nuclear alleles should also decrease due to drift and founder effects, the polyandrous mating system of P.
The Gup also said that divorce rate among polyandrous partners has increased in recent years.
To examine the consequences of polyandrous matings, ANCOVAs, with the response variable being the fertilization difference between the polyandrous and individual males (either average or the more successful male of the two), were examined with the main effects of male spine color, female spine color, and their interaction, blocked by day, with the covariates of sperm concentration, the difference in the fertilization success of the two males in the individual trial, and the interaction of these covariates with spine color.
He says he does not approve of his daughter's polyandrous marriage.
No preference for novel mating partners in the polyandrous nuptial-feeding spider Pisaura mirabilis (Araneae: Pisauridae).
The turtles of the genus Podocnemis are known to exhibit polyandrous behavior (Lee & Hays, 2004) and its females can store sperm from multiple mating episodes in the internal cavity for long periods of time (Pearse et al., 2001).
The woman, Jade, is the center of a polyandrous family structure and takes interest in Lu.
Sperm storage and use in polyandrous females of the globally invasive fruitfly, Ceratitis capitata.
In sections on wanton women in history and fiction, wanton women in drama, and women's songs and ballads, they consider such topics as the polyandrous empress: imperial women and their male favorites; the male homoerotic wanton woman in late Ming fiction; late Ming urban life and wanton women in Huang Fangyin's Short Plays; and turning the authorial table: women writing wanton women, shame, and jealousy in two Qing tanci.
Similarly Falen (2003:53) says polygyny refers to one type of polygamy in which men have multiple wives (co-wives), as opposed to polyandrous polygamy in which a woman has multiple husbands.