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n. pl. pol·y·an·thus·es
Any of a group of hybrid garden primroses having clusters of variously colored flowers.

[New Latin, from Greek poluanthos, having many flowers : polu-, poly- + anthos, flower.]


n, pl -thuses or -thi (-θaɪ)
1. (Plants) any of several hybrid garden primroses, esp Primula polyantha, which has brightly coloured flowers
2. (Plants) polyanthus narcissus a Eurasian amaryllidaceous plant, Narcissus tazetta, having clusters of small yellow or white fragrant flowers
[C18: New Latin, Greek: having many flowers]


(ˌpɒl iˈæn θəs)

n., pl. -thus•es.
1. any of various many-flowered primroses.
2. a narcissus, Narcissus tazetta, having small white or yellow flowers.
[1620–30; < New Latin < Greek polýanthos having many flowers. See poly-, -anthous]
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Noun1.polyanthus - florists' primrosespolyanthus - florists' primroses; considered a complex hybrid derived from oxlip, cowslip, and common primrose
primrose, primula - any of numerous short-stemmed plants of the genus Primula having tufted basal leaves and showy flowers clustered in umbels or heads


[ˌpɒlɪˈænθəs] Nprímula f, primavera f, hierba f de San Pablo mayor


n (= primrose)Gartenprimel f; (= narcissus)Tazette f
References in classic literature ?
After I had observed every flower, and listened to a disquisition on every plant, I was permitted to depart; but first, with great pomp, he plucked a polyanthus and presented it to me, as one conferring a prodigious favour.
In coming weeks, garden centres will be stocking cheap and cheerful pansies and polyanthus in a vast colour pallete for you to create some inspiring effects.
Plan for next spring - now's the time to start sowing seeds of Bellis perennis, polyanthus, pansies and wallflowers so they will be in flower (when very little else is) for brightening up the garden in late winter/early spring.
Start sowing seeds of Bellis perennis, polyanthus, WEEK pansies and wallflowers so they will be in flower (when little else is) for late winter/ early spring.
Our native primrose has been used to parent an astonishing range of polyanthus and primulas of every shape, size and colour
Tidy plants in winter containers, cutting off the yellowing leaves of polyanthus and primroses, and removing dead flowers using a pair of scissors.
THE breeding history of bright coloured giant flowered late winter/spring primroses and polyanthus is obscure.
Polyanthus are being planted, these are always a promise of brighter times ahead.
If it's not too frosty, lift and divide large clumps of polyanthus.
THE cheerful blotched flowers of polyanthus and primulas come in a massive range of colours and are ideal for perking up containers at this time of year, adding interest to rockeries or the front of beds and borders.
4Lift, divide and replant only the best specimens of primulas and polyanthus.