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1. Having many centers, especially of authority or control.
2. Having several central parts, as a chromosome with multiple centromeres.
A polycentric chromosome.

pol′y·cen′trism n.
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(Biology) biology a type of chromosome
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Newsweek continued, '"Unfortunately, our Western partners led by the United States do not want to agree on common approaches to solving problems,' Lavrov continued, accusing Washington and its allies of trying to 'preserve their centurie-sold domination in world affairs despite objective trends in forming a polycentric world order.' He argued that these efforts were 'contrary to the fact that now, purely economically and financially, the United States can no longer--single-handedly or with its closest allies--resolve all issues in the global economy and world affairs.'"
Drawing upon recent literature exploring polycentric governance, coproduction, and emergent orders, we demonstrate that the organizations that will effectively reach the millennial market are those that adopt more polycentric and personalized approaches to their IMC efforts.
Also, he said the Federation found collective solutions to the problems all countries were facing, based on international law and ultimately promoted a fairer and more democratic polycentric world order in keeping with objective modern realities.
This approach suggests that the state/government on the whole is a polycentric institution, which has an overview, legitimacy and resources to consider a situation from many different perspectives and undertake measures on various fronts to bring about change.
For many years we've heard about the benefits a smart and polycentric city concept could deliver.
development / polycentric development), was used to develop the four
According to Davoudi (2003), the analytical dimension is used to interpret or analyse a polycentric system, while the normative one utilises polycentricity as a guiding principle to achieve specific policy goals.
Summary: Polycentric cities are more sustainable and Dubai stands out among the global cities as it has a number of clusters that are clearly separat...
His works include the economy of the Maghreb; Global build-up: criticism of the theory of underdevelopment (1970); Neo-Colonialism in West-Africa (1971); the uneven development (1973); Peripheral capitalism and trade (1974); How capitalism works: unequal exchange and the law of value (1975); the crisis of imperialism (1975); in praise of socialism and other writings (1975); the accumulation worldwide (1976); the Arab nation (1976); imperialism and unequal development (1976); the Future of Maoism (1981); Disconnection: towards a polycentric world system (1988); the failure of development in Africa and the third world: a political analysis (1989).