polyethylene bag

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A 4mil "KleenTuff" bag will out-perform and give you increased cost effectiveness over a 6mil low density polyethylene bag. For more information, visit http://www.degagecorp.com/products.php
There is difference between the cultivation systems, especially for the treatment with application of 80% of the irrigation levels, and the conventional culture showed inferior results, the average plant size is 44.25 cm, differing significantly from the average of the cultivation system in polyethylene bag that reached the height of 92.50 cm for the same irrigated level.
The nursery raised in polyethylene bag technique varieties Thai, Malaysian and Indian ranked 2nd during the year 2010.
The cotton draw string bag is another polyethylene bag in Excellent Poly's collection that boasts a special degree of durability well-suited to tradeshow settings.
Commonly, produce is shipped packed in a polyethylene bag inside a cardboard box.
The bell-shaped diaphragm is welded to a polyethylene bag that serves as a mixing chamber.
The HBB is a resealable, high-density polyethylene bag that is now included in each meal, ready-to-eat (MRE).
fasciata) by treating late bloomers with ethylene gas, Simply put the plant in a polyethylene bag, drop in a ripe apple, close the bag with twisted wire, and wait about a month for a flower spike to appear.
The drawtape poly bag is also frequently used in hospitals; known as a patient care belonging bag when employed in a healthcare context, the polyethylene bag is used for personal items when a patient is first admitted for treatment.
It is able to compact the entire contents of a traditional waste dumpster into one polyethylene bag. Easy to install and use, the unit does not require a full-time operator.
The ream package will be a tight polyethylene bag with a built-in opening rip string.
The polyethylene bag is opened by applying a vacuum, then spreader plates make sure that the bag is kept open wide enough for the transport unit to push the sanitary napkins into the pack.