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Noun1.polygonal shape - a closed plane figure bounded by straight sidespolygonal shape - a closed plane figure bounded by straight sides
plane figure, two-dimensional figure - a two-dimensional shape
isogon - an equiangular polygon
convex polygon - a polygon such that no side extended cuts any other side or vertex; it can be cut by a straight line in at most two points
concave polygon - a polygon such that there is a straight line that cuts it in four or more points
quadrangle, quadrilateral, tetragon - a four-sided polygon
triangle, trigon, trilateral - a three-sided polygon
pentagon - a five-sided polygon
hexagon - a six-sided polygon
heptagon - a seven-sided polygon
octagon - an eight-sided polygon
nonagon - a nine-sided polygon
decagon - a polygon with 10 sides and 10 angles
undecagon - an eleven-sided polygon
dodecagon - a twelve-sided polygon
spherical polygon - a figure on the surface of a sphere bounded by arcs of 3 or more great circles
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A student in Dubai, Vishweswar Eswaran, has invented a 'smart and modular' greenhouse kit, called 'Utopia 21', that can be set up in the farmland of any polygonal shape.
Its solitary nave and the ceiling boasted of distinctive Gothic tracery, a polygonal shape, covered with ribbed vaults hosting Renaissance sculptures of our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary and some of the saints.
The polygonal shape not only separates it visually from the competition, it makes grip clearance a bit more of a sure thing.
On this angiogram, the operator indicates a polygonal shape that contains the distal area.
This figure contains flat polygonal shape of each face of the polyhedron real.
The spreading cell presented spindle or polygonal shape. Round-shrink cells were rare in the dishes coated with VTN.
Various polygonal shape antennas are designed to find desired polygonal geometry with wideband property.
The crystal nucleus is unlikely to grow uniformly to form a 3-D symmetrical sphere; in contrast, particles with polygonal shape are synthesized.
Some sort of fluid expulsion, possibly caused by small physical or chemical interactions within the ocean sediments, generates the outlines of the polygonal shape. When the fault lines appear, if that changes the slope of the sea floor, sediments can then spill into the formation to keep it from closing up again.
The internal cross section can be any noncircular, polygonal shape, such as pentagon, hexagon, or square.
Characteristics of the ODAC 33TRIO are said to include three synchronized measurement axes on one single plane; reliable detection of out-of-round condition, regardless of the orientation of the product ovality; detection of any deviation from roundness of oval and out-of-round with polygonal shape (multi-lobe); yields highly accurate mean value, regardless of the orientation of the product ovality; computerization of accurate values of circumference and cross section; etc.