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An instrument that measures the physiological responses of an individual to questions from an examiner who interprets the results as indicating the likelihood that the individual is telling or not telling the truth in giving the answers.
tr.v. pol·y·graphed, pol·y·graph·ing, pol·y·graphs
To test (a criminal suspect, for example) with a polygraph.

po·lyg′ra·pher (pə-lĭg′rə-fər), po·lyg′ra·phist (-fĭst) n.
pol′y·graph′ic adj.


(pəˈlɪɡrəfə) or


1. a person who employs a code cipher
2. (Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) printing a device used to copy a document
3. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person who writes multiple works
4. obsolete a person who mimics
5. (Medicine) med a person who operates a lie detector
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Deskovic for his treatment at the hands of a police polygrapher.
Finally, all inmates are required to take a sexual history polygraph, administered by a contracted certified polygrapher, in order to be eligible for the SOT group.
function, a polygrapher administering a polygraph during a police
A polygrapher cannot say definitively that persons have lied, only that they displayed indicators of stress when asked a question.
He is a US certified polygrapher, who's currently trying to introduce lie detection technology to Cyprus.
Rather, the evidence introduced is the expert opinion testimony of the polygrapher about whether the subject was truthful or deceptive in answering questions about the alleged crime.