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n. pl. pol·y·he·drons or pol·y·he·dra (-drə)
A solid bounded by polygons.

pol′y·he′dral adj.
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Adj.1.polyhedral - of or relating to or resembling a polyhedron
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[ˌpɒlɪˈhiːdrl] adjpoliedrico/a
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In this work, we introduce a new family of olefinic coagents based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes POSS (ref.
In 2016, Bathe and his colleagues developed a way to automate the process of generating a 3-D polyhedral DNA structure, and in this new study, they set out to automate the design of arbitrary 2-D DNA structures.
He explains how to devise waveforms for each of the 17 possible wallpaper types, and then guides you through a host of other fascinating topics in symmetry, such as color-reversing patterns, three-color patterns, polyhedral symmetry, and hyperbolic symmetry.
That is, for every class of combinatorial objects, they associate a geometric object (such as a polytope or a polyhedral complex) in such a way that the geometry reflects the combinatorial features, including counting functions and reciprocity.
- Enhanced STL healing for self-intersecting, thin, overlapping and inverted polygons for polyhedral data.
Microscopically, a neoplastic proliferation well circumscribed but not encapsulated, composed by polyhedral cells was observed, arranged in cohesive bundles interspersed with scarce fibrovascular stroma.
The polyhedral design has five 'petals' that fold into a hollow dodecahedron when activated by a motor.
Their diam ranged from about 0.7 [micro]m to about 1.6 [micro]m, and adopted distinct polyhedral morphologies (Fig.
The patent states that it is"an anti-fingerprinting composition having a self-healing property includes a polyrotaxane, a polyhedral silsesquioxane, and a fluorinated (meth)acryl compound".
The neoplastic cells were polyhedral in shape with pale blue cytoplasm with anisocytosis and anisokaryosis (Fig.1) were also seen.