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(Chemistry) (of a chemical compound) containing two or more hydroxyl groups per molecule. Also: polyhydric


(ˌpɒl i haɪˈdrɒk si)

containing two or more hydroxyl groups.
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Currently, there are many types of bioplastics in the global market, which are directly extracted from biomass, processed polymers, bio-based precursors such as PLA, and polymers manufactured by using derivatives of bacteria such as polyhydroxy butyrate and PHA.
It can be concluded that the antioxidant activity is caused not only by phenolic contents but also by other compounds such as polyhydroxy flavonoids, cumarin, ferulic acid, carotenoid, quinone, saponin, alkaloid, and tanins.
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Mangiferin is a xanthonoid structure with C-glucosyl linkage and polyhydroxy component found in many plant species; however, Mangifera indica (mango tree) is the major source [78].
But using titanium dioxide and polyhydroxy fullerenes (PHF), chemists create biocompatible, biodegradable delivery systems that can control release antimicrobials and other actives on a variety of surfaces.
Total quantity or scope: Supply Polyhydroxy aluminum chloride over a period of four years, under a framework agreement.
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PLLA, a polyhydroxy acid, is synthesized from poly 1-lactic acid which is derived from fermentation of com, sugar beet or potato.
Humic substances are known to be of high molecular mass polyhydroxy carboxylate which contain poly-aromatic and aliphatic subunits.