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1. Of, including, or expressed in several languages; multilingual: a polylingual software program.
2. Using or able to use several languages: a polylingual translator.
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than the polylingual, syntactically distended, viscerally embodied and
the polylingual, distinct polities they actually were.
Gibraltar's contact and subsequent history with Spain, along with its relatively small size, has developed a polycultural as well as a polylingual community reflecting the diverse ethnic origin of its inhabitants (including Spanish, British, Genoese, Maltese, Moroccan, and Portuguese, among others).
Polylingual and polycultural learning ecologies: Mediating emergent academic literacies for dual language learners.
Katsman demonstrates how this novel provides its protagonist with hallucinations, dreams, and fantasy in order to follow an alternative history of the wandering Jew while revealing his polylingual position.
The narrator's surprising nationalism, no doubt also the product of the power of symbol and ideological institutions, is most obvious during his conversation with the self-styled "polylingual autodidact" Settano.
The lives of the polylingual, cosmopolitan Brunis shed new light on the interrelations between the Ottoman and Christian worlds, characterized by both conflict and complex interdependence.
While semantic discussions about distinctions between bilingual, multilingual, plurilingual and even polylingual usefully continue in the research literature, all are about the use of more than one language (or translanguaged mixes of more than one) within at least one--and potentially many --cultural contexts of use.
A mobile world has no time, even if it had the will, to come to those kinds of understandings, as polylingual Conrad knew from experience.
To solve this problem for the Android platform, we propose a hybrid polylingual object (HPO) model to merge the native component objects into the Dalvik runtime based on the component assembly runtime (CAR) technology [23].
On the one hand, American English was celebrated for its constant dynamism, vernacular energy, pithiness and demotic ability to be nourished by polylingual wellsprings; yet on the other, it was praised for lacking regional or dialect variation, and for its fundamentally Anglo-Saxon nationalist coherence.
The polylingual voices of the multi-located subjects of the global nomadic, diasporic, hybrid diversity are producing concretely grounded micro-narratives that call for a joyful kind of dissonance.