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A person of great or varied learning.

[Greek polumathēs : polu-, poly- + manthanein, math-, to learn; see mendh- in Indo-European roots.]

pol′y·math′, pol′y·math′ic adj.
po·lym′a·thy (pə-lĭm′ə-thē) n.


the possession of learning in many fields. — polymath, n., adj.
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According to Politis, President Anastasiades and DISY head Averof Neophytou decided to offer Pitsillides the spot as a reward for his polymathy and linguistic fluency, both written and oral -- traits the young theologian most certainly possesses.
4), all while demonstrating his polymathy during his speech.
So, what are we to say about the protagonist of a novel whose curriculum vitae reveals his polymathy as a psychiatrist, an author of articles for gourmet magazines and psychiatric journals, an artist, an art historian, and a musical sophisticate but omits his polydactyly, to say nothing of his deviance as a serial killer and a cannibal?
Deputy Secretary of Commerce, founded the Program on Technology, Public Policy and Human Development at Harvard University and holds a Presidential Chair at the University of Southern California where he is Professor of Polymathy.
I understood that despite media vocality on "New Sudan on a New Basis" by its mediocre acolytes the reality remains; their incapacity and unwillingness to bridge the gap between the rhetoric and action while they claim political polymathy.
Clark (1997) among others (such as Stocking 1987), has noted the great ambiguities that lie within him, and the probability that Lubbock's polymathy will resist simplistic rendering.