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 (pə-lĭm′ə-rās′, -rāz′, pŏl′ə-mə-)
Any of various enzymes, such as DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase, or reverse transcriptase, that catalyze the formation of polynucleotides of DNA or RNA using an existing strand of DNA or RNA as a template.


(Biochemistry) any enzyme that catalyses the synthesis of a polymer, esp the synthesis of DNA or RNA


(ˈpɒl ə məˌreɪs, -ˌreɪz)

any of several enzymes that catalyze the formation of a long-chain molecule by linking smaller molecular units.
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Noun1.polymerase - an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of new DNA and RNA from an existing strand of DNA or RNA
enzyme - any of several complex proteins that are produced by cells and act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions
DNA polymerase - the enzyme responsible for DNA replication
RNA polymerase, transcriptase - the enzyme that copies DNA into RNA
reverse transcriptase - a polymerase that catalyzes the formation of DNA using RNA as a template; found especially in retroviruses
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Last week, Kornberg, of the Stanford University School of Medicine, was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for those images, which were the product of nearly 2 decades of research in his laboratory on the enzyme called RNA polymerase.
Only 1 TOSV-positive pool was observed with primers specific to TOSV polymerase and N genes, respectively.
A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) enzyme, PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase has increased DNA amplification efficiency.
In contrast, some of the less accurate polymerases, also called translesion synthesis (TLS) polymerases, bypass damage in the DNA, fall off after inserting a few nucleotides, and then allow an accurate replicative polymerase to continue.
Polymerase chain reaction testing (PCR) was performed to detect the presence of HPV and, if found, to identify its subtype (figure).
LONDON -- By 2015 the global polymerase chain reaction products market is forecast to reach $8 billion, having grown from a 2010 value of $5 billion at a rate of nearly 10% CAGR.
Agilent's molecular biology solutions include PCR instrumentation, high fidelity polymerases, and specialty enzymes, along with qPCR instrumentation and reagents, and market leading mutagenesis and cloning products.
Substrate modified by DNA polymerase serves as a target for a quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR).
The drugs that investigators tested target an RNA-snipping enzyme called an endonuclease that is a key subunit of the polymerase complex.
In conjunction with the divestment of Medivir's polymerase inhibitor franchise administered by Medivir HIV Franchise AB, a license agreement has been signed with Tibotec for the antiviral MIV-210 in relation to the Hepatitis B (HBV) and HIV.
The M, NP, NS, and polymerase genes of the Canadian viruses are also phylogenetically closely related to reassortant viruses dating back to 1998 in the United States (data not shown).
The genes in these blocks code for the 1918 flu's polymerases, which are proteins crucial for a virus' replication in animal hosts.

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