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1. Biology The occurrence of more than one form, as several alleles of a particular gene or winged and wingless forms of the same species.
2. Chemistry Crystallization of a compound in at least two distinct forms. Also called pleomorphism.

pol′y·mor′phic, pol′y·mor′phous adj.
pol′y·mor′phous·ly adv.
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in a polymorphous manner
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He underscores that this liberation of the polymorphously perverse body under new institutional conditions must not be mistaken for "the release of constrained sexuality within the dominion of [existing] institutions" (202).
Although the title of Dion's first major US museum survey might imply a certain waywardness, in fact few artists can match the concentrated single-mindedness of his intrepid, polymorphously curious three-decade-long practice.
This disposition is evident, Freud argues, in children, whom he describes as "polymorphously perverse"--that is, finding gratification in a range of sensations that they experience in multiple physical sites; their pleasures, which are not localizable, are also neither hierarchical nor orderly.
It is a myth to think we can approach our patients as polymorphously perverse, like bring me anything, any form of sexuality or desire and I will resonate with it.
On becoming a "little sex researcher": Some comments on a polymorphously perverse curriculum.
Brown, collectively arguing for the importance to Pynchon's worldview of "polymorphously perverse" subversions of socially and sexually repressive norms.
It seems that from the moment of those first soundings, from the sudden flash of light that the Freudian experience cast on the paradoxical origins of desire, on the polymorphously perverse character of its infantile forms, a general tendency has led psychoanalysis to reduce the paradoxical origins in order to show their convergence in a harmonious conclusion.
(3) He allows his life to be "overburdened and crushed down by the mere accumulation of the dead things of the past" and sacrifices the fluid self on the altar of rigidity; in place of a "polymorphously versatile" self, he shrinks into a fixed identity (Gross 66).
As Hovey notes, Orlando here is "simultaneously English and foreign, white and multiracial, heterosexually respectable and polymorphously perverse" (402).
Weinstock acknowledges that vampire sexuality may take a variety of forms, as any survey of vampire fiction or vampire cinema will demonstrate, and those forms may "range from decorously heterosexual to polymorphously perverse"; he then argues that
As such, Rupert almost allegorically represents the forces of normalization, repression, and containment that abolish the polymorphously perverse energies of both the murderous couple and this languidly, diabolically pleasure-focused film.
Luc is trying to keep the parasite from attacking him, but on the other, he could be read as being threatened by her vision of a sexualized, polymorphously perverse society.