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polyopia, polyopsia, polyopsy, polyopy

multiple vision; the seeing of one object as more than one.
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This type of diplopia can arise as a result of: light diffraction, metamorphopsia, and cerebral polyopia. (6) Light diffraction causes images of a single object to fall on the foveal and extra-foveal area of the same eye; the images usually have different clarity, with the extra-foveal 'ghost' image overlapping the clear foveal image.
To date, there is no agreement on what is and what is not AIWS, so some authors [11] include as part of AIWS symptoms such as dyschromatopsia, entomopia, mosaic vision, palinopsia, polyopia, visual perseveration, visual allachesthesia, and prosopometamorphopsia.
(49) Palinopsia (persistence of a previously-viewed image), dendropsia (branching tree-like patterns) and polyopia are also occasionally reported.