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pedunculate polyp (top) and sessile polyp (bottom) in a section of large intestine


1. A body form of a cnidarian, such as a hydra or coral, that is cylindrical in shape, has a mouth usually surrounded by tentacles at one end, and is often attached to something at the other end.
2. A usually nonmalignant growth or tumor protruding from the mucous lining of an organ such as the nose, bladder, or intestine, sometimes causing obstruction.

[Middle English polip, nasal tumor, from Old French polipe, from Latin pōlypus, cuttlefish, nasal tumor, from Greek polupous, poulupous : polu-, poly- + pous, foot; see ped- in Indo-European roots.]

pol′yp·oid′ adj.
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1. (Pathology) of, relating to, or resembling a polyp
2. (Zoology) (of a coelenterate) having the body in the form of a polyp
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(3) Although present in the coccygeal region, coccygeal polypoid eccrine nevi, hamartomas with increased number or size of eccrine glands with no vascular proliferation, are not known to be associated with spinal dysraphism.
Polypoid BCC is very rare and distinguishes from other types of BCC by being female predominant, locating on nonsun-exposed areas, prevailing in dark-skinned races, and having large average size, but considered nonaggressive.
On exam it appeared as a polypoid growth, 1.5x1 cm at the apex, pedunculated in nature, with a thin white fibrous stalk at the base.
Pathology returned as a benign polypoid mucosa containing deposits consistent with amyloid, but with negative Congo red staining for amyloidosis.
This report describes a case of a testicular GCT presenting as a polypoid endobronchial mass.
There was a polypoid mass in caecum which acted as the lead point (Fig.
One was a centrally deep ulcerated mass (1.2x0.7x0.5 cm) and the other nine were exophytic, tan-colored polypoid masses (diameter of the largest polyp was 1.1x1.1 cm) that were similar in appearance to a submucosal tumor at the corpus of the stomach.
In the physical examination, a non-pulsatile mass was seen of polypoid structure with regular borders, located on the midline towards the left with a wide base adjacent to the nasal root (Figure 1a, b).
Myxoma of the temporal bone may present as a polypoid mass with local destructive properties (3, 4).
Is there also an image of the gastric outlet obstructed by the polypoid tumor?
Spitzoid melanomas most often were nodular/ polypoid (47%); most nonspitzoid melanomas (59%) were melanoma-like.