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n. pl. pol·yp·o·ses (-sēz)
The presence of several polyps in the body.


(Medicine) med the formation of many polyps or a condition characterized by such


n. poliposis, formación numerosa de pólipos.


n poliposis f; familial adenomatous — poliposis adenomatosa familiar
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Mesenteric and abdominal wall desmoid tumors are usually associated with familial adenomatous polyposis, which is caused by germline mutations in the adenomatous polyposis coli gene.
Genotype-phenotype correlations in attenuated adenomatous polyposis coli.
2] Gardner's syndrome is believed to occur owing to mutation in a gene located on chromosome 5 (5q21-22) known as adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) tumor suppressor gene, which is strongly linked to extracolonic manifestations.
Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015
USPRwire, Wed Sep 23 2015] GlobalData's clinical trial report, "Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2015" provides an overview of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis Coli clinical trials scenario.
Combining adenomatous polyposis coli (Apc)-loss with either p53 mutation or Tgf-E- receptor (Tgfbr)-loss results in invasive intestinal carcinoma of mice.
The conventional CRC molecular pathway involves a predominant pattern of chromosomal instability with a multistep accumulation of genetic aberrations that include mutations in the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) gene, altered regulation of the Wnt-[beta]-catenin pathway, TP53 gene mutations, and loss of heterozygosity at the 18q chromosome (Figure 1).
Epidermoid cyst polyposis coli and gardner's syndrome.
Es causada por mutaciones germinales del gen de APC: Adenomatous Polyposis Coli, que es un gen supresor de tumores, localizado en el cromosoma 5q21-q22, y activador de RET/PTC, gen quimerico con clara participacion en la genesis del carcinoma diferenciado papilar de tiroides (4, 5).
FAP is an autosomal dominant disorder with 100% penetrance, caused by mutations in the adenomatous polyposis coli gene located on chromosome 5q21-q22.
5] Human genes: BRCA breast cancer (3 genes); APC, adenomatous polyposis coli.
Familial recurrence of HB is extremely rare outside of associated adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) families, (8) and a causative relationship between HB and interstitial deletions of 5q21.