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Noun1.polyptoton - repetition of a word in a different case or inflection in the same sentence; "My own heart's heart"
repetition - the repeated use of the same word or word pattern as a rhetorical device
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In consonance with the feminist texts that I am considering, the following excerpt from "Women and Fiction," about the new freedom that women are showing in their novel writing, reflects two different figures, ploche, which repeats the same term with a new meaning after the intervention of other words (Lanham 116), and polyptoton, which repeats the same word using different endings (Lanham 1 17); "Now that this desire is no longer so urgent, women are beginning to explore their own sex, to write of women as women have never been written before; for of course, until very lately, women in literature were the creation of men" (Granite and Rainbow 82).
Because polyptoton is perhaps not as familiar as, say, the similar turn of chiasmus, it warrants an initial description.
A sapient polyptoton places a different form of dolere in almost every stanza (dolga, dolente, dolore, doloroso, duol, dolorosa, doglia).
Other forms of variation are used in the test displacements, like the emphatic "damn" ({the damn dog to do his business} [right arrow] the dug to do his damn business}); tense variations ({it's going to he ruining) [right arrow] (in the rain}, {who will be waiting} [right arrow] {I'm the one uniting}); semantic variation on polysemy through anianaclasis ({lap gin} [right arrow] {in my mother's lap}), through synonymy {dog [right arrow] mutt [right arrow] spitz), or letter chiasmus {lap [right arrow] pal}, sound variation through paronomasia {[spitz [right arrow] shits, cropped [right arrow] carpet, maddened [right arrow] damned}), alliteration ({my mom made} or {wet wind waiting}), polyptoton ({tasty [right arrow] tasted) or {yapped [right arrow] yappy}).
The use of polyptoton in "empty" and "emptied" serves to authenticate its typical attributes of emptiness and sterility.
71) Polyptoton turns the anaphora of the Passe Compose "Je l'ay veue" into the Passe Simple "je la vy," which drives a wedge between his sister's bodily life and the present of Du Vair's speaking/writing, reinforcing the closure lexicalized by "clorre.
By a twist of fate, The Ruin (1) has come down to us in such a damaged state that I would take the liberty of describing this poem by the polyptoton 'ruined'.
In the third line, the polyptoton of works and worked is augmented by alliteration on once.
This short speech contains such diverse figures of speech as prosopopeia, chiasmus, anadiplosis and polyptoton, which an early modern schoolboy would like to show off.
All of the figures mentioned so far demonstrate Carlin's magnificent sensitivity to prose written and spoken; the same is true of the devices of repetition: antanaclasis, ploce, polysyndeton, antimetabole, polyptoton, pseudo-zeugma.
Through polyptoton, the playwright shows these rhetorical efforts to be constructed through the townspeople's analysis of the 'texte of trewpe pe trew to taste' (534).
Concerning the figures, they paid attention to the epizeuxis, anadiplosis, climax, anaphora, epistrophe, epanalepsis, epanados, paronomasia, and polyptoton.