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A work consisting of four or more painted or carved panels that are hinged together.

[From Late Latin polyptycha, registers, account books, from Greek poluptukha, from neuter pl. of poluptukhos, having many folds : polu-, poly- + ptukhē, fold; see diptych.]


(Ecclesiastical Terms) an altarpiece consisting of more than three panels, set with paintings or carvings, and usually hinged for folding. Compare diptych, triptych
[C19: via Late Latin from Greek poluptuchon something folded many times, from poly- + ptuchē a fold]


(ˈpɒl ɪp tɪk)

a work of art composed of several connected panels.
[1855–60; poly- + (di) ptych or (tri) ptych]


a work of art, as a painting, composed of several panels.
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A work of art involving two or more panels, most frequently more than three panels, since diptych (two panels) and triptych (three panels) are more commonly used.
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The most visited site in Ghent is the famous Polyptych, The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, painted by the brothers Jan and Hubert van Eyck in 1432.
Trudging back and forth along the empty corridors in the middle of night, I would often stop and study a magnificent polyptych, which hung in the main foyer.
The Boston Saint George was one of the panels of the polyptych painted by Crivelli in 1470 for the church of San Giorgio, in Porto San Giorgio.
Images of tortured and martyred saints figure prominently in polyptych altarpieces and as adjunct figures in single panel sacre conversazioni ('holy conversations') where saints are grouped around the Virgin and child.
Only the final gallery was too small for--and thus diminished the effect of--The Rhine, 19822013, a meandering polyptych of woodcut collages invoking German legends and lieux de memoire.
The works, wholly of Chow's devising and artistic skill, have an appearance that brings to mind the art of a varied group of 20th-century painters, from Monet to Tapies; a polyptych spanning 50 feet will act as the centerpiece.
Ray, submitted a five-panel polyptych 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide.
Among the Rogier van der Weyden Group paintings examined are the Prado Descent from the Cross, the Beaune Polyptych, the Uffizi Lamentation, and the Louvain Trinity.
Jamie McCartney's 30-foot polyptych installation, which features vulvae's of around 400 women aged 18 to 76, captures the physical diversity of labia, the Huffington Post reported.
It was, in many respects, an inglorious beginning, and thus Leonardo's move to Milan, where he partnered with an established workshop and was called upon to paint the central panel of a major polyptych for the Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception in the church of San Francesco Grande, appears as something of an anomaly.
s polyptych Bears in oil on canvas technique; eight digital prints by Jovana Vujanovi?
The strength, beauty and grand scale of Turkish landscapes unfurl in Murat Morova's polyptych, in Halil Altyndere's surprising photographic composition and in Murat AkagE-ndE-z's installation combining video with resin painting.