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n. Music
The use or an instance of simultaneous contrasting rhythms.

pol′y·rhyth′mic adj.


(Music, other) music a style of composition in which each part exhibits different rhythms


(ˈpɒl iˌrɪð əm)

the simultaneous juxtaposition of two or more contrasting rhythms in music.
pol`y•rhyth′mic, adj.
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Essentially, they are etudes focusing on problems different to those that instructive compositions usually target: rhythmic cycles and polyrhythm, work with the sound mass, purity of articulation and the use of the phraseology of a particular style.
de 1900 a 1930", comprised 12 distinct programs (14 concerts including the closing one), showing the intense creativity of the first third of the century: expressionism, exotism, futurism, constructivism, polyrhythm, bruitism, and so on, on the one hand, and archaism and neoclassicism on the other ; the invention of "new systems of sound organization" (Nikolay Roslavets), the "new linearity" (Lev Knipper, Aleksandr Mosolov), and "total chromatism" and resorting to electronic means (Nicolas Obouhow).
This drama takes place over a complex polyrhythm typical to the accordion-led tipica music that listeners outside of Panama are likely unfamiliar with.
But the program can tell at any place in the middle of this complicated polyrhythm exactly where it needs to be.
The logic was insane, except as a polyrhythm of fear and reassurance, a seduction.
We can hear the various economic, social, cultural and religious patterns as a part of the polyrhythm of our city.
Jazz arose in the early 1900s as the African genius for polyrhythm merged with European instrumentation and melody.
GLOBALLY recognised for his technical DJ-ing skills and famed for his work as the Jigmastas, Polyrhythm Addicts and various productions with solemusic, Rawkus and Nervous to name but a few, Spinna returns to Glasgow next Sunday night, to the Buddaclub.
Similarly the beginning of the Double Concerto (1961) creates a polyrhythm often different speeds presenting one interval after another, each one associated with a particular speed that is used later in the piece.
On Chance of Rain, one pulsing beat will suddenly tumble over another, forming a beautifully awkward polyrhythm.