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n. Music
The use or an instance of simultaneous contrasting rhythms.

pol′y·rhyth′mic adj.
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(Music, other) music of or relating to polyrhythm; characterized by different rhythms
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As polyrhythmic strains of music fill ABT's studios, the trio flashes through small, quicksilver position changes while Teuscher quietly counts a steady 4/4 beat that isn't yet audible in the music.
This means the user is able to make polyrhythmic compositions, something that can become complex and experimental.
At a student party one day, lonely and homesick, she heard "Once in a Lifetime," the disorienting, polyrhythmic semi-funk track at the center of "Remain in Light," for the first time.
One of the main influences in Reich's music is the highly sophisticated polyrhythmic drumming music from Ghana, and this work bears witness to that.
Graves is best known as a pioneering free-jazz drummer who, in the 1960s, developed an astonishingly rapid and complex polyrhythmic style heard on records with Albert Ayler, Sonny Sharrock, Paul Bley, and many others.
Polyrhythmic drumming, didgeridoo, and orchestral synth-scapes accented with beautiful vocal pieces craft an album of exceptional beauty.
Only TV and film can tell this history, because its content lies in the quicksilver of movement, of movement's link to music, in the flash of wit, in the overlapping, polyrhythmic, accelerating system of interchange which is the African communicational baseline.
Impressed by Jim's insane speed and polyrhythmic flourishes, Jared sent Jim some rough demos and asked the drummer if he wanted to contribute his skills to a 3 song demo album to be recorded at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY, with Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, Team Sleep) as producer.
Zaki's experimental tabla rhythm compositions are evident in 'And She Danced Beautifully', a piece that mixes Taals of 11/4, and 8/4 in a polyrhythmic style.
Many of the songs were complex and improvisatory in style, including polyrhythmic clapping and percussion.
over polyrhythmic African drums on the Latino radio stations blazing
Segal's sensitivity to West African rhythms is clearly on display in "Balazando" as he opens with a spasmic flurry of notes that might seem random (even accidental) in a European context but settle effortlessly into a polyrhythmic groove when Sissoko's kora arrives in melodic support.