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 (pŏl′ē-rī′bō-no͞o′klē-ə-tīd′, -nyo͞o′-)
An oligonucleotide consisting of a number of ribonucleotides.
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According to STRING analysis, Dm-Csp1 is predicted to functionally interact with a variety of proteins including those (rpoB, rpoC, and rpoA, and rpoZ, RNA polymerase subunits) involved in transcription and a polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase (pnp) potentially playing a role in mRNA degradation (Figure 7).
(1984) A monoclonal antibody to the double-stranded polyribonucleotide complex poly(A)-ploy(U).
If two polyribonucleotide strands are combined, they may bind to each other to form Watson and Crick's well-known double helix, in this case, double-stranded RNA.