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Having an extra copy of one or more chromosomes: a polysomic individual; a polysomic cell.
A polysomic organism or cell.

[poly- + (chromo)som(e) + -ic.]


(Genetics) of, relating to, or designating a basically diploid chromosome complement, in which some but not all the chromosomes are represented more than twice
[C20: from poly- + -some3 + -ic]
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In addition, the investigators subjected selected putative polysomic samples (>2 copies of cen17) to arraybased comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH).
'Also, a 1by20feet container with number GATU132358/4 was seized for carrying 537 cartons of Indian Whisky as against Yeast declared in its SGD; and a 1by40feet container with number TCLU172184/3 was seized for carrying 60 pieces of used Chest freezers and 570 bundles of gas hose as against condenser for steam polysomic declared in its SGD.
Another study [25] showed that polysomic chromosomes appeared more characteristically in UPS; however, in their study sarcoma-specific chromosomal breaks and oncogene amplifications were rarely identified.
Importantly, the cluster of equivocal and polysomic cases, in Figures 4(d), 4(e), and 4(f), contained some cases with bimodal distribution of HER2 and/or CEP17 and could be categorized as "equivocal with polysomy," Figure 4(d), and "equivocal with polysomy and HER2 bimodality," Figures 4(e) and 4(f) cases.
The text is structured in two parts: In the first part, the polysomic concept of innovation is discussed, focusing on the way this is implemented in the field of public administration, and it highlights the importance of its close correlation with different notions of information and knowledge in a society such as the one we live in.
(18) demonstrated the promising role of UroVysion fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) in clearly differentiating patients with CIS from patients with dysplasia or reactive atypia; detecting polysomic cells (of chromosomes 3, 7 and 17) and deletion of the 9p chromosome, which are particularly present in CIS and invasive urothelial tumors.
When S6 is activated increases the association to the polysomic mRNA molecules with oligopirimidine sequences in their 5'-ends (TOP) (42).
The incidence of polysomy of chromosome 17 varies from 10-50 per cent depending on criterion used to define the polysomic state (27).
It is widely accepted that B chromosomes are derived from polysomic A chromosomes (Jones & Rees 1982, Camacho et al.
Development of reliable linkage maps in most forage crops (complex polyploids with polysomic inheritance) is more complicated than in simple diploids.
salicaria is auto-tetraploid and inheritance in polysomic (Fisher and Mather 1943), the parent-offspring covariance = 1/2 [V.sub.A] + 1/6 [V.sub.d] (Kempthorne 1955b) where [V.sub.A] = additive genetic variance, and [V.sub.d] = variance due to digenic interaction (analogous to dominance deviation in the diploid case).
Allowance for double reduction in the calculation of genotype frequencies with polysomic inheritance.