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The entry of several sperm into one ovum during fertilization.

pol′y·sper′mic adj.
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Spindie-to-cortex communication in cleaving, polyspermic Xenopus eggs.
In addition, polyspermic fertilization was reported in the giant scallop Placopecten magellanicus at a pH level less than 7.
Reduction of the incidence of polyspermic penetration into porcine oocytes by pretreatment of fresh spermatozoa with adenosine and a transient co-incubation of the gametes with caffeine.
Pronuclear location before the first cell division determines ploidy of polyspermic pig embryos.
Such an androgenetic embryo develops in the cytoplasm of the hybridogenetic egg, through the fusion of two sperm nuclei among the many normally found in these polyspermic eggs.
The cells had been obtained from polyspermic embryos that had no chance of implanting in the uterus and that ordinarily would have been discarded.
The researchers used polyspermic embryos, which result when more than one sperm penetrates an egg.
However, the proportion of oocytes penetrated and containing male and female pronuclei exceeded 93% in all treatments and the proportion of polyspermic oocytes was significantly higher as the sperm concentration increased from 0.
Modulation of the function of boar spermatozoa via adenosine and fertilization promoting peptide receptors reduce the incidence of polyspermic penetration into porcine oocytes.