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A sulfide compound containing at least two sulfur atoms per molecule.
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(ˌpɒl iˈsʌl faɪd)

a sulfide whose molecules contain two or more atoms of sulfur.
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The life-size clay model is then used as a three-dimensional reference for the creation of the smaller clay image, which is perfected in polysulfide rubber and plaster, among a series of other processes, to refine the face and capture even the smallest smile line, scar or forehead wrinkle.
Such rubber compositions may further include between 30 phr and 150 phr of a plasticizing resin, silica and a coupling agent that is a monohydroxysilane polysulfide having a form (Formula I) wherein radicals R, identical or different, are hydrocarbon groups, radicals R', identical or different, are divalent linking groups, and x is equal to or greater than 2.
The polysulfide sealants market is facing some of the challenges including low production and high costs.
Summary: The polysulfide sealants market is facing some of the challenges including low production and high costs.
According to ADA specification no 19, elastomer is divided into four groups according to the chemical composition and polymerization reaction, they are polysulfide, polyether, condensation silicone and addition silicone.
b) polysulfide mechanism (sphalerite (ZnS), chalcopyrite (CuFe[S.sub.2]), or galena (PbS)), where metal solubilization is resultant from a combined attack by iron(III) ions and protons and the elemental sulfur (S0) as the main intermediate:
these include reversible hydrocolloid this includes agar impression material, irreversible hydrocolloid this includes alginate impression material, modelling plastic impressions these includes impression compounds, plaster impression material, wax impression material, silicone based impression materials, polysulfide impression materials and polyether impression materials.3
VITROFLEX B is a non-phthalate plasticizer that has been optimized to enhance performance characteristics in the "B" (catalyst) side of two-component polysulfide sealants.
In a gas phase with high [H.sub.2]S partial pressure, hydrogen sulfide can react with elemental sulfur, producing sulfane (free acid form of ionic polysulfide).
After discharge, a consecutive charge shows that FeS and [Li.sub.2][S.sub.n] are formed, and these compounds are combined into a complex of polysulfides with partial oxidation to Fe[S.sub.2] [9,10] that represents a decrease in capacity from the 1st to the 2nd discharge and subsequent cycles [6,11,12] particularly because of the dissolution of intermediates such as lithium polysulfide ([Li.sub.2][S.sub.n], 4 < n < 8) in the liquid electrolyte [11,13-16].
reported a low-resistance [Cu.sub.2]S counter electrode, which was prepared by the sulfurization of a metallic copper sheet in polysulfide solution [12].