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Bhairab Bazar in Kishoreganj district is the largest polythene bag market in the country.
32 cfu/g) which were placed in aluminium cover as compared to polythene bag ([log.
YOU WILL NEED: A packet of tomato seeds Small pots or seed trays Seed compost Plant labels Gardening gloves Clear polythene bag HOW TO GROW: FILL the pot almost to the top with seed compost, tap the compost level, place the seeds on the surface and cover.
WHAT YOU NEED: Packet of sweet pea seeds - there are lots of different colours to choose from Seed compost 9cm plant pots Plant label A clear polythene bag An unheated greenhouse or cold frame Fill the pot with seed compost almost to the top.
Police said the street dog entered the house of a green grocer Nakchhed Miyan, a resident of Line Bazar locality in northern Bihar's Gopalganj district, yesterday and ran away with the cash kept in a polythene bag.
Everything which is brought from bazaar for the office people comes in a polythene bag.
With a rolled-up blue polythene bag on his head and a "Notre Dame" logo on his jacket, he brandished a knife at two female assistants at a Shell station in Clydebank on January 6.
Place each pot in a clear polythene bag and keep in a warm, light place.
The destructive habit of putting everything you buy into a polythene bag is due to nothing more than laziness and lack of imagination.
New from Limpet Tapes Ltd of Bond House, George Street, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, tel:0148 045 9461 is a low-cost polythene bag closure dispenser that they say will provide the lowest cost re-usable tamper-evident seals available - up to 60 seals for a penny
From their possession, one polythene bag containing 25 grams of white powder suspected to be Heroin powder worth Rs.
What you need: A packet of echinacea seeds, seed compost, 9cm plant pots, plant label and pencil, clear polythene bag , an unheated greenhouse or cold frame and gardening gloves How to grow: Fill the pot with seed compost almost to the top.