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 (pŭm′ĭs, pŏm′-)
1. The pulpy material remaining after the juice has been pressed from fruit, such as apples or grapes. Also called marc.
2. Pulpy material remaining after the extraction of oil from nuts, seeds, or fish.

[Middle English pomis, from Medieval Latin pōmācium, cider, from Vulgar Latin *pōma, apple, fruit; see pome.]
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1. (Cookery) the pulpy residue of apples or similar fruit after crushing and pressing, as in cider-making
2. any pulpy substance left after crushing, mashing, etc
[C16: from Medieval Latin pōmācium cider, from Latin pōmum apple]
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(ˈpʌm ɪs, ˈpɒm-)

1. the pulpy residue from fruit, seeds, or the like after crushing and pressing, as from apples in cider making.
2. any crushed or ground pulpy substance.
[1545–55; perhaps < Medieval Latin pōmācium cider, derivative of Latin pōmum fruit; see pome]
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Cypriots have been distilling zivania from fermented grape pomace since the fourteenth century.
As well as relying on donations of unwanted apples and pears, they now manage several of their own orchards, fertilised by waste apple pomace spread over the land.
As well as HUANG & MA (2016) for the extruded orange pomace, these authors stated that heating during the extrusion process modifies the texture of the food material by breaking the structure of dietary fiber components of the vegetables, increasing levels of xylose, mannose, glucose and uronic acid.
Dried mao (Antidesma bunius Linn.) pomace is a by-product of mao wine or juice processing from Mao Luang seeds and widely available in the North-East of Thailand, i.e.
Bring a nonstick pan to a medium heat and add a touch of olive pomace oil Carefully place your fish into the pan.The seabass should be cooked skin down until crispy.
Grape pomace: Grape pomace is mainly the residual product of the wine industry [38].
* Steamlined pomace removal: The tray with the pressed grapes is transported to the pomace area of the winery, leaving the crushpad clear of debris and and producing an area that can be shown to and enjoyed by customers.
The aromatic substances in the grape pomace contribute to grappa's distinctive bouquet, producers say.
Crispy calcots, smoked aubergine, tomato and olive - serves 4 For the calcots | 8 calcots cleaned and trimmed cut into quarters | 300ml Milk | 2300g Flour | 500g breadcrumbs (panko if possible) For the smoked aubergine puree | 2 aubergines | 2 cloves garlic crushed | 1 tsp smoked sweet paprika | 1 tsp smoked hot paprika | 500ml pomace olive oil | 150ml Rama 44 Extra Virgin Olive oil | 25ml Moscatel vinegar | Maldon sea salt For the tomato salsa | 2 tomatoes blanched, peeled, deseeded.
Scientists at South Dakota State University investigated the effects of two extruding parameters--die head temperature and screw speed--and the addition of apple pomace on a soy flour-based extruded snack formulation.
Each year, thousands of tons of the solid by-product pomace emerge after wine and grape juice production.