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 (pō-mād′, -mäd′, pŏ-)
A perfumed ointment, especially one used to groom the hair.
tr.v. po·mad·ed, po·mad·ing, po·mades
To anoint with pomade.

[French pommade, from Italian pomata, from pomo, apple, from Late Latin pōmum; see pome.]
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Adj.1.pomaded - (of hair) groomed with pomade; "pomaded hair"
groomed - neat and smart in appearance; well cared for; "the manager was a beautifully groomed young man"; "his horse was always groomed"
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Add to that a pair of black eyes with yellowish whites, a proud glance, gleaming teeth, and lips which were perennially pomaded and redolent of musk.
Darya Alexandrovna had to drive home again to fetch her curled and pomaded son, who was to carry the holy pictures after the bride.
And there was he all in the fashion, pomaded and dressed out, with a smart tie on, bowing and scraping; and I bet anything she took him for me all the while!